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Webinar: The Strategies and Benefits of Early Mobilization in the Mechanically Ventilated Patient

Rehabilitation teams help patients overcome impairments with the goal of optimal physical and cognitive function, so they can maximize their independence and return to previous activities. When rehabilitation begins early in the care continuum, impairments and barriers to recovery may be prevented. For very complex conditions, such as patients on mechanical ventilation, early mobility can reduce the incidence and severity of impairment and improve both short- and long-term patient and hospital outcomes.

Watch the webinar as special guest Nancy Nathenson, RRT, RYT, explains the value of starting rehabilitation as early as possible in the care continuum.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the adverse effects of bed rest
  • Incorporate intervention strategies for early mobilization of the mechanically ventilated patient
  • Explain the potential benefits resulting from early mobilization of the mechanically ventilated patient


Presenter: Nancy A. Nathenson, RRT, RYT

Nathenson is a respiratory therapist with more than 30 years of experience, ranging from ICU to rehabilitation, patient care, interdisciplinary education, and training for hospitals, clinics, and state and nonprofit agencies locally, regionally, and nationally. A pioneer and leader in population health management strategies that are evidence based, community led, and linked across professional domains, Nathenson is uniquely trained to address key clinical outcomes and provide tools for safe, culturally competent, and socially and economically equitable care.

In 2007, Nathenson received the Goldberg Innovation Award from the National Association of Long Term Care Hospitals (NALTH) for the Respiratory Independence Measure of Madonna (RIMM), a unique measurement tool for ventilator and tracheostomy weaning.

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