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Recorded: April 21, 2015

 Presenters: Al Fiandaca, Product Manager, Mediware

Michael Shew, Business Consultant, Mediware

Webinar Summary:

What are your biggest headaches when it comes to your outpatient rehab schedule? Are you tired of no-shows and cancellations affecting your bottom line? Do you feel like you spend hours figuring out the schedule for repeat appointments? Are you constantly determining if you’ve met the Therapy Cap threshold or treating beyond authorizations? These are all challenges that outpatient rehabilitation directors face on a daily basis. We’ll review the seven slick tricks to finding a better, more efficient way to manage your outpatient schedule. We’ll also give you an inside look at the new MediLinks AE solution designed for outpatient hospitals and clinics.

What is covered?:

  • How you can improve revenue, keep your schedule full and reduce front desk work with automated appointment reminders
  • Easy ways to fill open time slots utilizing wait lists and recall lists
  • How to schedule complex appointments using drag and drop functionality, or schedule by resource or therapist
  • How to keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates and monitors throughout your department
  • Ways to track Therapy Caps and Modifers, and account for MPPR
  • Offer options for tracking referrals and authorizations
  • How to utilize reporting tools to monitor your therapist’s productivity.

Mediware’s Al Fiandaca and Michael Shew discuss the big challenges you face when it comes to scheduling in your Outpatient rehab department, and how these simple tools can help. We’ll also showcase the features inside MediLinks AE scheduling.

Who Should Watch?

Post-acute care facility managers, directors, billing and front desk staff would benefit from watching the hour-long webinar.

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