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Recorded Webinar: November 5, 2014


Presenter: Bob Habasevich, MS, PT., Vice President Provider Quality and Performance Improvement, Mediware

Webinar Summary:

This presentation describes the results of clinicians’ use of an online calculator used for conversion of functional limitation measures to severity modifier codes. CMS mandated compliance with G-code reporting in 2013. Watch this webinar as we walk you through the most popular assessments used by Mediware’s online G-code Conversion Calculator.

Attendees will:

  • Describe clinical discipline use patterns in choice and use of functional limitation measures to comply with CMS G-code reporting requirements for outpatient rehabilitation services.
  • Identify discipline variance in functional limitation measurement selection and reporting.
  • Discuss current practice variation when linking goals of outpatient therapy to value based purchasing initiatives.

Mediware’s Bob Habasevich walks you through this trend data to showcase the most popular uses of Mediware’s G-code Severity Modifier Calculator. 

Presenter Bio

Bob Habasevich is a Senior Strategist for Quality and Performance Improvement at Mediware. Bob holds a solid history of success in clinical operations including startup, business development and operations management. In addition to being a Physical Therapist, his experience includes hospital accreditation, regulatory compliance, clinical information systems, performance management monitoring and reporting, clinical outcomes systems development and deployment. Bob is highly knowledgeable in clinical process analysis and improvement, clinical error and complications reduction, patient flow improvement, clinical analytics methods for timely identification and reversal of problematic outcomes. Bob has effectively integrated information technology and clinical expertise through training, coaching, facilitation and management to effect change in process and practice to realize clinical, operational and financial performance improvement.

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