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4-part FREE webinar series

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Paula Digby, CCS, CDIP, CPC, CPCI, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Principal AQ Consulting and

1. Avoid the Potholes – IRF Coding with ICD-9

Who should watch? IRF Coding Staff and key players such as: Program Directors, CMG Coordinators, IRF Clinical Staff &/or management would benefit.

Buying a new car is a major life event. Some buyers are eager for the latest in automobile technology and that new car smell. Others are more reluctant, preferring a previously used model to the chore of breaking in a new one. And many stumble at the cost. As the United States converts to ICD-10, healthcare providers are like those new car buyers; some are eager, some are reluctant, and many are stumbling at the cost.

In whatever category you find yourself, this webinar series will provide guidance for the journey. In webinar 1, the presenter provides encouragement as you maintain your existing vehicle. This session will explore the still useful features you may not have relied on with ICD-9 and extend your thoughts toward the coming upgrades.

This first webinar in the 4-part series on ICD 10 will serve as a refresher course on what you need to do NOW when it comes to coding between the IRF PAI and the billing document. Watch now!

2.Buckle Your Seatbelt – IRF Coding with ICD-10

This was a live event only.

Who should watch? IRF Coding Staff and key players such as: Program Directors, CMG Coordinators, IRF Clinical Staff &/or management would benefit.

Webinar 2 will assist in preparation for the new vehicle, answering questions and helping you find clarity through all the hype surrounding its approach.

Objectives for Session 2: 1.Attendee will gain a better perspective of the level of specificity needed to appropriately report the patient interaction on the IRF-PAI and on the UB-04 using ICD-10. 2.Attendee will understand why auditing entities scrutinize their claims and how to protect claims through appropriate documentation and coding using ICD-10.

3.Attendee will learn to glean increased information and clues from the medical record to support ICD-10 code selection and how to successfully operate during the transition.

3. Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m. ET “Adjust Your Mirrors – ICD-10-CM for Outpatient Rehab

In these final sessions, the buying decision is already accomplished, the attendees have finished kicking the tires and are planning their first outing. Session 3 will focus on the detail required for outpatient rehabilitation reporting while Session 4 will introduce the driver to the new vehicle. Because the physician is the driver, she/he holds the keys to make the experience a safe and pleasant journey.

Live event only. This session will not be available for replay.

Who should attend? OP Coding Staff and key players such as: Program Directors, CMG Coordinators, Clinical Staff &/or management would benefit.

Webinar 3 will assist attendees in getting the necessary perspective in the ICD-10 vehicle as it relates to outpatient rehabilitation coding and documentation. Attendees will be encouraged to adjust their mirrors, getting all appropriate details in their sights for a successful transition.

Objectives for Session 3:

1.Attendee will learn the latest nuances of diagnosis code assignment using ICD-10 for outpatient rehab encounters by taking a quick view in their rearview, establishing the variances to watch for and making adjustments for safe travel going forward. 2.Attendee will understand the potential for skids and accidents caused by bad documentation habits through examples provided.3.Attendee will review best practice models.

4. Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m. ET “Start Your Engines – ICD-10-CM Documentation for IRF Physicians and Clinical Documentation Improvement

Live event only. This session will not be available for replay.

Who should attend? Physicians, Clinical Documentation Improvement Staff, Other Clinical Staff, IRF Coding Staff and CMG Coordinators would benefit.

In Webinar 4, the attendees will understand that as the physician or clinical staff person, they are the driver of the new vehicle called ICD-10. Their role in the successful implementation will be the key as their documentation of the encounters drives the success of their organization.

Objectives for Session 4:

1.Attendee will learn the difference between documentation in the ICD-9 versus ICD-10 environment and how each clinical staff member can assist in getting to the desired destination while the physician remains the driver in all cases.

2.Attendee will understand the details needed for diagnosis documentation to most clearly describe the patient’s severity of illness and required need for the intensity of services provided.

3.Attendee will be able to identify potential CMG improvement opportunities through clinical documentation improvement and how these are becoming more defined under ICD-10.

About AQ Consulting and Paula Digby

AQC is a company focused on helping community healthcare providers survive, thrive and achieve sustainable results in today’s challenging economic and regulatory climates.

Mrs. Digby has greater than 26 years’ experience in healthcare, which includes; medical office and health information management; billing & coding supervision and process design and implementation for healthcare providers, such as inpatient and outpatient hospital departments, inpatient rehab facilities, physician’s practices and ambulatory surgery centers.

Her expertise includes performance of compliance, revenue integrity, and medical records documentation improvement reviews; education and training regarding various compliance, revenue cycle, billing and coding topics; and, litigation investigative support services. Visit to learn more.


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