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Tales from the Front Desk:
5 Real-Life Lessons to Turn PT / OT / SLP Scheduling into the Profit Driver of Your Practice

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Best Practices for PT/OT/SLP SchedulingAfter installing our software at several thousand hospitals and practices, we have a few stories to tell! Join us for five lessons that will change the way you look at scheduling PT, OT and SLP patients. You’ll see how scheduling and front desk management is more than a necessary evil — it’s perhaps the best place to focus on busting out the profitability of your practice! These real-life stories are sometimes sad, often funny, and always instructive. You’ll hear about…

  • “THE LADY WITH SORE FEET.” Here’s why appointment reminders don’t always reduce no-shows.
  • “THE RECEPTIONIST IN RED.” If you don’t lock in these 4 best practices, it could cost you a Cadillac.
  • “THE OVERLY IDLE THERAPIST.” How one scheduling policy gave this PT way too much time on his hands.

The makers of MediLinks Rehab Software and SpectraSoft AppointmentsEverywhere Scheduling share some of the most memorable — and educational — experiences that have guided their product development. You’re sure to gain actionable insights you can bring to your practice within minutes after watching!

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