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WEBINAR: Measuring and Benchmarking Quality for Rehab Care

Presenters: Shelby Harrington, MS, BSN, RN, Carolinas Rehabilitation

Has your organization been considering participating in a Patient Safety Organization with the goal of safely sharing patient quality measures and improvement measures with other institutions? If so, you will want to join this webinar and listen to guest Shelby Harrington from Carolinas Rehab talk about EQUADR, a patient safety organization founded by her organization which is now being co-sponsored by Mediware.

Attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of changes in quality outcomes measurementspecific to IRFs;
  • Learn about the creation of a Patient Safety Organization focused on rehabilitation quality;
  • Get an explanation about pending regulatory requirements for quality reporting;
  • Receive a demonstrate of value of data sharing between institutions to drive quality and safety improvement across the industry.
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