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WEBINAR: Nurse Staffing — A Software Demonstration Using Patient Daily Acuity

Presenter: Ms. Ginger Cohen, Chief Nursing Executive at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

If you’ve been searching for a rehab nurse staffing tool that solves the unique nurse staffing challenges associated with inpatient rehab, then watch this demonstration of how FIM® scores are used in conjunction with rehab nursing standards of practice to determine the appropriate mix of rehab nurses to staff each shift. View this webinar to learn how you can make the most appropriate rehab nurse staffing decisions while balancing cost, patient safety, patient outcomes, rehab nurse productivity, rehab nurse satisfaction, and nursing-specific Quality Indicators. Ms. Ginger Cohen, the Chief Nursing Executive at Washington State’s largest IRF, presents her experience using a new software tool that addresses these topics using Patient Daily Acuity while the tool is being demonstrated. Check out the demonstration of this newest solution that leverages Patient Daily Acuity to staff rehab nursing and to report the shift-by-shift status of your nursing-specific Quality Indicators.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Patient Daily Acuity is used to determine individual patient nursing need
  • “Situational acuity” is handled when determining patient nursing need
  • Kospital-wide patient nursing need gets organized by unit, by shift
  • The nursing hours that satisfy patient nursing need are determined
  • To flexibly assign nurses to meet nursing hours demand by type of nurse
  • To quickly determine when assigned nurses have satisfied unit and hospital-wide nursing hours demand
  • Unit and hospital-wide summaries of Census, Actual HPPD vs. Budgeted HPPD, and CMI are automatically calculated and displayed
  • To track planned nurse staffing vs. actual staffing variance
  • Shift-by-shift reporting of staffing variance can be used to identify areas for improvement that cannot be identified by non-Patient Daily Acuity nurse scheduling systems
  • To understand the capability of Patient Daily Acuity to report the shift-by-shift status of critical nursing-specific Quality Indictors to nursing leadership
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