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Recorded Webinar: March 2, 2016

Presenters: John Wolf, Marketing Strategist, Mediware
Steven Johnson, Sales, Mediware

Webinar Summary:

Discover seven ways to enhance your patient communications…improve compliance with scheduled sessions…track and address the specific causes of no-shows in your organization…and much more.  You work hard to keep your practice going, so adding these simple strategies will keep your office in the green and keep your patients coming back!

What will be covered?

  • Best practices when patients arrive and leave
  • Correcting patient misconceptions about no-shows
  • Innovative ideas to make your reminders more effective
  • What you should (and should not) say in a patient reminder
  • What cancel/no-show analytics you need to be watching
  • Mediware tools to help you better manage your front desk

Fill out the form to attend this webinar and discover how your organization can save thousands of dollars by reducing no-shows and cancellations. This is the perfect session for practice managers and owners, along with front desk staff.  A major tool to improve practice revenue and patient satisfaction, while ramping up your scheduling and patient communication strategies.

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