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CMS Clarifications on IRF Regulations

Keeping track of the many clarifications CMS has given regarding Inpatient Rehabilitation regulations can be difficult. Often, one area has multiple clarity statements for how those rules should be practiced and will be enforced.

Mediware has compiled CMS’ clarifications of IRF regulations and formatted them in an easily searchable and readable tool. We have included the source for each of the clarifications, as well as provided some additional reference points.

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Admission Orders
Individualized Interdisciplinary Overall Plan of Care
Inpatient Rehab Facility Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI)
Intensive Level of Rehab – Rehabilitation Nursing
Intensive Level of Rehabilitation
Interdisciplinary Team Meetings
Medical Necessity
Multiple Therapy Disciplines
Post Admission Physician Evaluation
PreAdmission Screening
Technical Issues
Three Physician Visit
Revision of Discharge Definition IRF

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