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The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of the MediLinks® Inpatient software solution, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute has been able to:

  • Strategically incorporate discharge planning into the care plan
  • Increased efficiency in patient IRFPAI score improvement from admission to discharge
  • Decrease the average length of stay per patient

Care Planning Obstacles Created Delays

Traditionally, the interdisciplinary care team conference was based on the patient’s progression and mainly focused on functional improvement measures. They identified the barriers to discharge during the early stages of the patient’s stay; however, the challenge they had was identifying how they should handle the barriers. As a result, when it came time to discharge patients, barriers were not always addressed in a timely manner and caused delays that added unnecessary days to the length of stay (LOS).

With healthcare costs continuing to rise and margins tightening, SLRI’s management team knew they had to find a solution that would address the specific needs of the inpatient rehabilitation care plan.

Overcoming Care Planning Obstacles

In 2010, SLRI implemented the MediLinks Inpatient software solution to help streamline their workflow while maintaining quality patient care.

MediLinks has been a resourceful tool that has helped the interdisciplinary care team become more effective at communicating and planning the patient’s care plan. With electronic documentation available to everyone on the interdisciplinary team, access to patient information has become readily available, making it easier for the entire team to come more prepared for team conference. Now, the team is able to focus on things like barriers to discharge early on and better plan for the patient’s entire stay. “Because we’ve become more proactive in our strategy, we’ve been able to decrease the average LOS per patient, without sacrificing the quality of care – even with the higher intensity cases we’ve been taking,” stated Nancy Hughes, Manager of Case Management.

Additionally, SLRI was able to use the reporting tools available in MediLinks to analyze patient stays more closely. They discovered improvement in quality that resulted in patients improving quicker than before. They also noticed a considerable increase in IRFPAI score efficiency from admission to discharge.

With the help of MediLinks Inpatient, SLRI overcame the challenges they were facing while still managing to maintain high quality standards. “Mediware is a true partner in the inpatient rehabilitation field!” stated Nancy.

About St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Founded in 1994, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute (SLRI) is Washington State’s largest provider of rehabilitation services for stroke, spinal cord injury, head injury and injury to bones, joints or muscles. SLRI is a 102 bed facility and accredited by The Joint Commission and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). SLRI combines compassionate care with expertise to provide inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation services to patients of all ages.

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