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The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of MediLinks® Outpatient, Riverside’s Outpatient Therapy Clinics have been able to:

  • Increase efficiency throughout their daily workflow using automated processes
  • Improve the quality and quantity of charges captured
  • Use data to measure and manage day-to-day operations
  • Maintain compliance to JCAHO and Medicare regulations as they change

Zero Tolerance for Inefficiency

Riverside’s Outpatient Therapy clinics used a classic paper and pen process for documentation. This alone presented a number of inefficiencies and made it difficult for management to maintain standards that consistently adhere to JCAHO and Medicare requirements. The management team wanted to find a solution that would help them maximize efficiency across their clinics through the standardization of processes, and allow clinicians to focus more of their time on direct patient care. Also, because Riverside Outpatient Therapy is part of the Riverside Health System, they wanted to improve access to patient information and documentation between providers and the different facilities within the health system. According to Doug Culbert, Riverside Regional Medical Center’s Director of Rehabilitative Services, “With the rapid changes taking place in healthcare, we wanted to standardize our processes across all our clinics so we’d be able to quickly adapt our program as ever-changing regulations arise.”

Paving the Way to Success

Riverside Outpatient Therapy implemented the MediLinks Outpatient solution in six clinics. Soon after going live with the solution, they noticed a number of improvements in their outpatient program.

Because MediLinks Outpatient is designed specifically for outpatient rehabilitation, Riverside Outpatient Therapy was able to quickly adapt to the automated processes and maximize efficiency throughout their clinics. “One of the biggest things we noticed immediately was the ability to have the charge capture built into the documentation and then automatically sent to our billing program. This has significantly improved efficiency for us,” stated Doug. Riverside Outpatient Therapy also noticed an improvement in billing accuracy. Now, clinicians can audit their documentation within the note before they submit it to billing, ensure they’re sending accurate codes over to the billing system and no longer worry about the billing staff not being able to interpret their handwriting.

With MediLinks, managers can now track documentation and ensure top-notch quality, measure outcomes across all locations, and have the peace of mind knowing their staff is consistently meeting regulatory standards.

Maximizing Efficiency with Data

The reports built into MediLinks have helped management easily measure staff productivity, charge capture and outcome measures, just to name a few; all of which are important in the daily management of an outpatient therapy program. “I no longer have to wait on the health system’s network team to give me the information I need. With MediLinks, I can drill down and pull the information I need, when I need it – it’s right at my fingertips,” said Doug. The data they’ve been able to pull from MediLinks has been an extremely useful resource that helps managers make decisions that positively impact the outpatient rehabilitation program and their team’s ability to deliver quality care in a rapidly changing environment.

Ready for What Lies Ahead

With MediLinks on their side, the management team is more prepared than ever to continuously adapt to the changing healthcare environment.  “MediLinks offers many advantages that have helped us standardize our processes for optimal efficiency throughout our entire outpatient therapy network. We no longer have to worry about keeping our clinics up-to-date with rapidly changing regulatory requirements,” stated Doug.

About Riverside Regional Medical Center

Riverside Regional Medical Center began serving the Virginia Peninsula community in 1916. Today, it’s known as the community’s most comprehensive medical facility combining the most recent computerized technology with a healing environment. Riverside is committed to comprehensive, coordinated, quality care for every patient. As part of that commitment, Riverside continues to provide care in an outpatient setting. Riverside Health System has ten physical outpatient therapy clinics throughout the community that offer patients treatment in a personalized, friendly and comfortable environment.