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Success Story: Reid Hospital Rehabilitation Acute Unit

Reid Hospital Campus

The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of the MediLinks® Inpatient software solution, Reid Hospital’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit has been able to:

  • Decrease team conference time from 15 minutes to about six minutes through workflow changes
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of functional scoring
  • Monitor compliance on 100 percent of their charts

Breaking Away From Paper

Prior to MediLinks, Reid’s Inpatient Acute Rehab Unit used a combination of paper and electronic documentation. Using paper as part of their workflow presented many challenges and made it difficult for Reid’s interdisciplinary care team to manage the complex requirements of inpatient rehab.

In addition to the burdens that come with using paper documentation, Reid Hospital was changing their hospital’s EMR system. At that time, Reid’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics used an electronic documentation system that integrated with the hospital’s current EMR. However, the system they were using was not capable of integrating with the hospital’s new EMR system. Reid began their search for a new electronic documentation system for their outpatient clinics. When they found Mediware’s rehab-specific software solutions, and discovered the positive impact it would have across all their rehab services, they decided to implement Mediware’s solutions in their outpatient clinics and their inpatient and acute rehab units as well.

Turning on the Switch to Automation

In February 2011, Reid began using the MediLinks Inpatient software solution in their inpatient facility. They noticed significant improvements throughout their workflows and were pleased with the support Mediware provided throughout the entire transition. “Having everything available in an electronic environment has made it so much easier for us to integrate a team-focused approach to patient care. I can’t imagine how we’d be able to do that using paper and electronic documentation. Mediware is a valuable partner for Reid Rehab,” stated Billie Kester, Reid Acute Rehabilitation Director.

Streamlining Team Conference

After a few modifications to their workflow, Reid’s inpatient facility began to notice significant improvements in their practices. Specifically, the changes made to their team conference process helped them reduce the amount of time spent on team conference and achieve optimal efficiency. “After we implemented the recommendations made by Mediware’s team of experts, we were able to cut our team conference time almost in half! Our conference time went from 15 minutes down to six to eight minutes,” said Billie. Team conference has become more efficient for the team because MediLinks provides a team-focused approach. MediLinks automatically compiles all the patient information that’s been input into the system by the various disciplines and places it in one central report. As a result, team conference becomes more effective for the entire team.

Gaining Accuracy and Consistency

The team has also noticed considerable improvements in the quality of their documentation. With MediLinks, it’s now easier for the team to review patient information, obtain consistent IRFPAI scores and manage documentation standards that meet regulatory requirements. “With MediLinks, it’s a lot easier to track and see the overall IRFPAI scores clinicians are inputting into the system. Just by looking at a flowsheet, we can pinpoint scoring inconsistencies and know where we need to provide more scoring education for our staff,” said Billie. In addition to improving documentation accuracy, MediLinks has made compliance to regulatory requirements more manageable. “Monitoring compliance on paper was very cumbersome. With MediLinks, we went from monitoring 10 percent of our charts to easily monitoring 100 percent of our charts. We would have never been able to do what we’re doing today if we were still on paper!” confirmed Billie.

Making the switch from paper to an electronic system that’s designed specifically for inpatient rehab care has proven to be a worthwhile change for Reid. Working together, Mediware helped Reid implement changes to their workflow that lead to positive improvements. “Working with Mediware’s team of experts has definitely been rewarding for our rehab facility,” confirmed Billie.

About Reid Hospital

Reid Hospital & Health Care Services began serving the Richmond, Indiana community as Reid Memorial Hospital in 1905. Reid Hospital is accredited by the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), the Indiana State Department of Health, Medicare/Medicaid, American Association of Blood Banks and the American College of Surgeons Community Cancer Program. In 2008, Reid Hospital opened the doors to its new inpatient hospital, which includes a state-of-the-art inpatient rehab center.