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The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of MediLinks® Outpatient, Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital’s Outpatient Program has been able to:

  • Efficiently manage compliance to ever-changing JCAHO and Medicare requirements
  • Provide JCAHO and Medicare auditors with documentation that exceeds legibility standards
  • Minimize the risks associated with clinical documentation

The Risk of Paper in Today’s Healthcare Environment

The changes taking place in the healthcare industry triggered the need for transformation from paper to automation for Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital’s Outpatient Program (Mount Sinai Rehab). Additionally, paper processes presented a number of issues and inefficiencies that made it almost impossible to manage compliance to continuously changing regulatory requirements. According to Cindy Griffith Mount Sinai Rehab’s Manager of Outpatient Services, “With the way healthcare is changing, there’s no way you can continue to operate on paper and maintain compliance to industry regulations.”

After researching many of the tools available in the market, Mount Sinai Rehab selected Mediware’s outpatient software solution to help them overcome the challenges they were facing. “With MediLinks, it was clear that the solution was designed by people who know and understand rehab. The flow of the overall process and the way the templates are designed made it obvious that Mediware was the only solutions provider who could effectively meet our needs,” stated Cindy.

Securing Compliance With Success

In August 2011, Mount Sinai Rehab implemented the MediLinks Outpatient software solution in three of their outpatient clinics. Shortly after go-live, Mount Sinai Rehab’s management team was contacted by The Joint Commission for an audit.

The auditor began the audit at one of the off-site outpatient locations, before auditing the main location connected to the main hospital. She was concerned about consistency in the way each clinic’s management team handled the day-to-day operations of their clinic. The auditor began by reviewing five charts at the offsite location. After finding no errors, and satisfied with everything she saw, the auditor proceeded to the main location to continue the audit. When she found out MediLinks was also being used in the main site, the audit ended because she saw the consistency that MediLinks provides and found no reason for any further review. “In my 30 years of experience in rehab, I’ve been through a number of Joint Commission audits. I’ve never experienced one that was amazingly effective the way this audit has been. Our medical records passed with zero issues thanks to MediLinks!” stated Cindy.

Immediately following the Joint Commission audit, Mount Sinai Rehab underwent an audit probe by Medicare. The audit focused on signature clarity and legibility standards. “As a manager, I was faced with an audit probe and I was confident because our charts are now 100% legible with MediLinks,” stated Cindy. Medicare reviewed 40 charts of patients that were seen in the 3-month period prior to the audit. After reviewing the charts, Medicare passed all 40 charts with no issues.

MediLinks has helped Mount Sinai Rehab consistently ensure compliance in today’s ever-changing environment. After two successful audits, Mount Sinai Rehab can rest assured that they’re clinical documentation is flawless. “With MediLinks, I now have peace of mind knowing that our documentation fully meets regulatory standards,” confirmed Cindy.

About Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital

Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, a Saint FrancisCare Provider, is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical rehabilitation. Accredited by The Joint Commission, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to help people rebuild their lives after illness and injury. Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital also offers ongoing care to patients in the Hartford region in an outpatient rehabilitation setting.