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The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of MediLinks® Outpatient, Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital’s Outpatient Program has been able to:

  • Ensure quality throughout the clinical documentation process
  • Increase charge capture and the amount of ICD codes submitted to payers
  • Improve the overall satisfaction of referring physicians

Challenged With Paper Processes

It was nearly impossible for Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital’s Outpatient Program (Mount Sinai Rehab) to maintain efficiency throughout the documentation process and maintain compliance to continuously changing regulatory requirements using paper processes. According to Cindy Griffith Mount Sinai’s Manager of Outpatient Services, “We were facing many challenges with our paper processes. From issues with ICD coding and documentation legibility, to missing charges and countless hours of manual chart audits; clearly, we needed to revamp our processes.” After researching many of the tools available in the market, Mount Sinai Rehab decided Mediware’s software solution would be the best choice for meeting the specific needs of its rehab care. “After seeing a demo of MediLinks Outpatient, it was clear the solution was designed by people who know and understand rehab. The flow of the overall process and the way the templates are designed made it obvious that Mediware was the solutions provider we’ve been looking for,” stated Cindy.

In August 2011, Mount Sinai Rehab implemented  the MediLinks Outpatient software solution in three of their outpatient clinics. They quickly noticed significant improvements in their day-to-day workflow, especially in the quality of their documentation.

The Change was Like Night and Day

MediLinks is designed to thoroughly capture clinical documentation and automatically link the captured charges to the billing system. Since MediLinks, the Mount Sinai Rehab team has noticed improvements in documentation accuracy and timeliness. “Our therapists, as well as the medical records team, have been very pleased with MediLinks. Just from a coding standpoint, the ease of being able to pull the medical diagnosis, therapy diagnosis and comorbidity issues has been great. In fact, we’ve noticed we’ve gone from submitting only one or two ICD codes to now having all 12 codes completed. This really helps our payers understand the complexity of each case as they determine reimbursement,” stated Cindy. Now, documentation is consistently accurate, complete and on-time.

Keeping Everyone on Track

Because MediLinks automatically captures charges while therapists are documenting, Mount Sinai Rehab’s therapists and administrative staff no longer have to worry about missing charges. Also, MediLinks offers billing reports that have been helpful in tracking billing and making sure all treatment is being accounted for. “The pre-billing and billing review reports help me track any issues that may arise before they even hit the financial system,” stated Cindy. Mount Sinai’s Rehab team also uses MediLinks reports to keep track of the number of authorized visits used and remaining for each patient. As a result, they’ve noticed reductions in denied claims.

More Competitive in the Market

Not only did Mount Sinai Rehab improve quality, they’ve also become more competitive in their community. MediLinks helped Mount Sinai Rehab improve the satisfaction of their referring physicians. “Physicians are telling us how much they really like the change in the documentation they’re receiving. They appreciate the legibility and timeliness, as well as the insight the documentation provides into their patient’s treatment and progress,” noted Cindy. As a well-known provider in the Hartford region, this change will help Mount Sinai Rehab continue to grow and uphold its state-of-the-art reputation among physicians in the community.

About Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital

Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, a Saint FrancisCare Provider, is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical rehabilitation. Accredited by The Joint Commission, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to help people rebuild their lives after illness and injury. Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital also offers ongoing care to patients in the Hartford region in an outpatient rehabilitation setting.