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Success Story: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of MediLinks® AE, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital has been able to:

  • Reduce the cost of patient scheduling
  • Increase the amount of time team leaders can dedicate to direct patient care
  • Manage 3 Hour Rule and weekly compliance minutes more efficiently

Losing Time Scheduling

In 2008, Burke began to transition their hospital structure from a traditional rehab-based model to a programbased model. They quickly realized the significant impact the organizational change had on patient scheduling. Manual scheduling by many disciplines using various processes in each unit, and scheduling individually by each discipline and unit would not suffice. They needed a solution that would provide their staff with a tool that would help them become more patient centered.

According to Burke’s CIO Cathy Dwyer, “As we moved through the transition process, it became more and more apparent that we needed to move to an automated centralized scheduling system to help us maximize the patient’s time throughout the day and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.”

Winning Back Time

In May 2010, Burke implemented MediLinks AE software solution to accommodate a centralized scheduling environment. Burke also added two dedicated schedulers to focus solely on scheduling and alleviate team leaders and therapists from scheduling so they’d have more time to focus on direct patient care. The schedulers were trained to fully understand the administrative requirements of scheduling in a fluid, time prescriptive environment. Learning how to use MediLinks AE was the easy part. “The schedulers find Mediware Achieve Scheduling extremely easy to use. Moving appointments has never been easier – they just point and click, drag and drop!” said Cathy. Burke began to see an improvement in their overall scheduling process and clinicians gained more time in their day for patient care.

  • Team leaders now have time to treat three patients a day, opposed to having time for only one patient a day with the former scheduling process.
  • Team leaders now have time for clinical education, program development and mentoring staff
  • Two dedicated schedulers are now managing patient schedules, compared to 13 staff members scheduling in the past
  • Clinicians from every discipline are more collaborative and efficient and find it easier to manage the 3 Hour Rule and weekly compliance minutes by using one master schedule that’s in sync with real-time schedule changes.
  • Schedulers can now schedule a patient in advance for the entire duration of the patient’s stay.

Reaping the Rewards

Without a doubt, organizational change is never easy. MediLinks AE has been a resourceful tool that has helped transform Burke’s scheduling process to help drive a more patient centered workflow while increasing efficiency. “Without an automated scheduling solution, it would have been nearly impossible to do what we’re able to do today using the decentralized system we had in place,” stated Claudine Bogosian, Assistant Director, Neuro Program.

About Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

Founded in 1915, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital is the only hospital in Westchester County, New York entirely dedicated to rehabilitation. Burke’s inpatient hospital has 150 beds and provides patients with specialized care. Their 91-year commitment to rehabilitation and research has earned Burke national recognition for excellence among New York’s leading hospitals. Additionally, Burke is the first postacute care hospital in the nation to achieve HIMSS’ Stage 6 certification.

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