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The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of MediLinks® IRFPPS, Baptist Health Rehab program has been able to:

  • Increase efficiency throughout their daily workflow using automated processes
  • Improve the quality and quantity of charges captured
  • Use data to measure and manage day-to-day operations
  • Maintain compliance to JCAHO and Medicare regulations as they change

Process was Complex

Prior to implementing MediLinks Inpatient IRFPPS Module, the inpatient rehab program at Baptist Health manually documented and scored Functional Independence Measures. Upon patient admission, staff noted the IRFPAI submission due date on a whiteboard. During the first three days, clinicians manually documented IRFPAI scores and stored them in the patient’s binder. From there, clinicians transferred the admission score, discharge score and goal into a separate binder designated for the entire program. On day four, the PPS Coordinator collected scores from the program binder and processed them for submission to UDS®. The rehab program made the process work; however, it presented challenges and risks.

  • Scores did not always provide an accurate representation of the patient’s functional status, or their true burden of care.
  • The quality of documentation that supported the scores varied from one clinician to the next.
  • Various clinicians scored the items that were typically managed by their own discipline. This limited the inclusion of functional status outside the therapy session.
  • The PPS Coordinator spent a considerable amount of time tracking down the score on a paper document.


MediLinks Made it Easy

Baptist Health’s Rehab Program went live with MediLinks Inpatient IRFPPS Module in 2008. Since then, they’ve achieved measurable results that have proven to be valuable. The automated process has helped the entire program become more efficient, consistent and thorough in its documentation. MediLinks has helped management identify the amount of time clinicians are spending on scoring and gain a better understanding of their staff’s
training needs.

  • Determine where additional training is required
  • Provide additional training as needed
  • Improve clinicians’ scoring proficiency

In addition to improvements in the documentation process, Kayrouz says the reporting capabilities are a tremendous asset. “The progress report let’s us see all aspects of the patient’s care from an interdisciplinary point of view. It’s a valuable tool to share current status, weekly goals and discharge goals with our patients and families as well as any insurance companies that require an update. We are able to easily compare progress in all functional areas and discuss any “barriers” to the discharge plan home,” Kayrouz confirmed

Baptist Health Achieved Results

The robust, standardized scoring methodology built into MediLinks allows clinicians to easily score all observations with the greatest amount of accuracy and capture the patient’s true burden of care. “Since we’ve been using MediLinks, we’ve seen a $1,000 increase in revenue per patient,” stated Scherri Kayrouz, RN, Clinical Outcomes Coordinator – Rehab Program. Clinicians are now consistently scoring – with confidence – every item for every patient. Overall, MediLinks Inpatient IRFPPS Module significantly helped the rehab program improve its documentation process and achieve the results they were looking for. “Our focus at Baptist Health is on excellent patient care, outcomes and satisfaction. MediLinks is an important tool that helps us continue to reach that goal.” Kayrouz stated.

About Baptist Health

Baptist Health is Louisville’s preferred East End medical center and recognized as a hospital of choice in Kentucky. The Rehab Program is accredited by CARF in medical rehab and stroke and has 29 beds, with an average daily census of 17. In 2010, Baptist East received the Best
Hospital award by Best of Louisville® awards for its emphasis on helping patients feel better.

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