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Mediware Supports Researchers!

If you are a researcher and want to incorporate the AM-PAC™ into your research study, please contact us with a description of your research program and your plans for the research results. Mediware may be able to offer substantial discounts for Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care™ licenses. Learn more about the AM-PAC™.

When you fill out the form below, please be sure to provide the following information in the message:

  • A phone number where you can be reached
  • The AM-PAC™ instrument you would like to use
  • A brief description of the research you are doing

Choose your instrument

Mediware can provide multiple instruments for your research projects.  Please let us know which one you want in the contact form.

  • AM-PAC™ Short Form (paper-based)
  • AM-PAC™ Computer Adaptive Test

Each tool has advantages and disadvantages.  If you aren’t sure which one is best, let us know and we can help you decide.

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