Therapist Working in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Providing therapy in an inpatient rehabilitation facility or unit requires specialized skills and training. MediLinks Inpatient can help you become more proficient at your job, giving you more time to focus on your most important task, treating the patient.
Deliver Effective, Team-Focused Care

  • Maintain compliance to the 3 Hour Rule
  • Communicate more effectively with the rest of your team by using a single inpatient rehab electronic
  • documentation system to record the integrated plan of care
  • Capture charges as a by-product of clinical documentation
  • Bridge the gap between therapists and nurses through transparent patient care coordination
  • Calculate IRF-PAI scores successfully through step-by-step guidance, re-enforcing consistent application of scores, even when relief or flow staff are utilized.
  • Bring multiple disparate documentation chores into one location:
  • Functional scoring capture for admission, daily and at discharge;
  • Patient education;
  • Discipline problems/goals vs. team problem/goals;
  • Interventions and charge capture;
  • 3 Hour Rule;
  • Team conference documentation and workflow.

Simplify Your Documentation Process

Eliminate redundant documentation by using a system designed for the IRF community
Organize the volumes of “to do’s’’ throughout your day by using a task-based workload management tool
Communicate schedule changes in real-time
Interface with your hospital information system in order to retrieve and provide valuable information to the rest of your organization

Stay Ahead of Compliance Standards

  • Efficiently maintain compliance to the:
  • 3 Hour Rule
  • 48 hour pre-admission timelines
  • 24 hour post-admission timelines
  • 36 hour therapy evaluation timelines
  • Individualized plan of care requirements
  • Receive step-by-step guidance for your IRF documentation to ensure important regulations are met
  • Receive ongoing software updates and workflow suggestions designed to help you quickly respond to regulatory changes

We’ve developed this IRF software based on your day-to-day needs

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