Rehabilitation Physician at an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

We know practicing physical medicine can be a challenge without the right set of workflows and tools. MediLinks Inpatient rehab documentation was designed to help better manage your rehab facility and get your patients in the door.

Provide Efficient, Quality Care to Your Patient

  • Receive notification on your smart phone when a pre-admission assessment is ready for review
  • Review, approve or deny a pre-admission assessment securely from your smartphone or Web browser.
  • Provide your team with true interdisciplinary communication.  Use a single electronic document to record the plan of care.
  • Demonstrate to an auditor that hand-off communication occurred
  • Conduct more effective team conferences by discussing the patient’s barriers to discharge instead of the patients’ status
  • Easily view trended data like lab values

Simplify Your Documentation Process

  • Eliminate redundant documentation by using an IRF documentation solution designed specifically for inpatient rehabilitation
  • Organize the volumes of “to do’s’’ throughout your day by using a task-based workload management tool
  • Communicate schedule changes in real-time
  • Interface with your hospital information system in order to retrieve and provide valuable information to the rest of your organization

Stay Ahead of Compliance Standards

  • Maintain compliance to the:
    • 3 Hour Rule
    • 48 hour pre-admission timelines
    • 24 hour post-admission timelines
    • 36 hour therapy evaluation timelines
    • Individualized plan of care requirements
  • Receive step-by-step guidance while documenting to ensure important regulations are met
  • Receive ongoing software updates and workflow suggestions designed to help you quickly respond to regulatory changes

See how MediLinks Inpatient can help you better manage your rehabilitation team so you can focus on your patients!

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