Executive/Management working in an Outpatient Rehab Facility

We’ve designed our outpatient software solution to help you with the every day challenges you face as the leader of a a hospital-based oupatient facility. From tracking new G-code reporting regulations, to protecting your revenue, the MediLinks Outpatient workflow is designed for your clinicians, which will help you better manage your department.

Increase Your Revenue

  • Reduce your no-show and cancellation rates by tracking missed appointments by patient, therapist and reason
  • Monitor your growth by reviewing the number of new evaluations by month, therapist, diagnosis, etc.
  • Increase your referrals by analyzing the referral source, payer, or location
  • Measure productivity by monitoring the number of patients or treatments performed by therapist or location
  • Track and share outcome measures like Boston University’s AM-PAC™ to your referring physicians

Protect Your Revenue

  • Ensure you are paid what you deserve; billing is a by-product of charting
  • Protect yourself against audits and denied claims with thorough documentation that supports every charge
  • Eliminate lost and inaccurate charges
  • Lower your denied claims by automatically reviewing CCI edits and verifying compliance to rules in real-time
  • Ensure every patient with a scheduled appointment is authorized for treatment
  • Reduce your therapists’ need to memorize the charge master by accommodating payer-based rules

Meet Compliance Guidelines

  • Ensure G-code compliance within your the daily documentation
  • Improve the quality of your documentation with smart questions to help guide your clinicians through rehab specific documentation templates
  • Reduce your audit risk by warning clinicians if they have failed to complete a chart
  • Receive ongoing software updates and workflow suggestions designed to help you adapt to new regulations

Stay up-to-day with ever-changing regulatory changes like Therapy Caps, MPPR, G-coding reporting and more!

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