Executive/Management of Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

We know managing rehabilitation care in a hospital environment creates many challenges not seen in traditional acute care. You’re overseeing a completely different model of care, run under unique compliance guidelines and measured by its own success indicators. Why not make your life easier with an inpatient rehabiltiation software solution designed for your clinicians’ needs?
Maximize Your Revenue

CMS IRFPPS reimbursement is determined largely by the IRF-PAI scores collected in the first three days of admission. Unfortunately, even a proven and thoroughly tested scoring process can result in scores that are either inconsistent, inaccurate or both.

Removing subjectivity from the scoring process with the use of MediLinks Inpatient will help improve the accuracy and consistency of your scores. Ultimately, these improvements will lead to appropriate reimbursement and sufficient funds to care for your patients.
Maintain Compliance with New and Existing Regulations

Manage compliance throughout the continuum of care. You can rest assured that your facility is meeting the unique regulations specific to providing inpatient rehabilitation care.
Provide step-by-step guidance to clinicians while documenting so that important regulations are met
Network with the largest inpatient rehab provider community — all of whom use the same documentation, patient management and reporting solutions your staff is using.
Receive ongoing software updates and workflow suggestions designed to help you adapt to new regulations

Provide Effective and Efficient Care

Implement inpatient rehabilitation workflows that reduce the need for overtime, promote interdisciplinary teamwork and solve barriers to discharge.
Recoup staff hours lost to redundant documentation by utilizing a single solution from admission to discharge that is designed for rehab
Interface with your hospital information system in order to retrieve and provide valuable information to the rest of your organization
Collect and utilize information to better manage patient care
Improve the efficiency of routine processes (team conference, scheduling, care planning)
Capture charges as a by-product of clinical documentation

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