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Learn about the AM-PAC on PAC-Metrix

PAC-Metrix is a web application for managing patient outcomes. It has been developed to provide you with powerful tools to manage patient data, enable quick patient assessments, and report on your outcomes.
It is quick to learn, easy-to-use and ready to go when you sign up. Implementation is a breeze.
There are four options for taking AM-PAC™ assessments using PAC-Metrix. You can choose the method that works best for you in your facility, or you can mix-and-match to fit your workflow.

Any device

PAC-Metrix is designed to function on a tablet so that you can take advantage of these convenient mobile devices and make the process easier for your patients.

Laptop or desktop

Your therapists can access all of the features of the AM-PAC™ on PAC-Metrix via a browser on their laptops or workstations.


Patient kiosk

In your waiting room or in your gym, the patient kiosk is always ready to start an assessment. With only one click, your patients are ready to begin.

At home

Now you can send your patients a secure hyperlink so they can take of the assessment at home. This means they can take the assessment at their convenience and don’t use valuable therapy time to complete the instrument.

Patient setup

Patient setup is quick and easy! It only takes five pieces of information to create a patient – although, if you want, you can maintain a very complete patient record.

  1. Patient ID (MRN)
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Gender
  5. Birth date

Once the patient is created, the Home Assessment Link will be created. This link is a secure URL that is unique to the patient and will allow them to begin a new assessment in one click. It does not expose any patient data, simply allows them to create a new assessment linked to one of their accounts.


Patient account management

Each patient can have multiple accounts representing different episodes of service. For each account, you can specify a different set of services, payers, and even body parts involved. Accounts can also be linked to different facilities. You can easily use accounts to track a single patient’s progress from an acute setting through skilled nursing to outpatient to even home health. The account can also collect a number of optional fields for later reporting purposes.

Electronic registration

PAC-Metrix also offers electronic registration.  Through our web API, your electronic medical record can automatically populate the patient and many of the fields on the account.  For details on this approach, see our  integration information page.


Easy to use

The self-running survey program is easy to use for any patient. Family members or other caregivers may also fill out the survey when patients are unable. Using the online AM-PAC™ assessment means that patients will never answer more than ten questions per functional or cognitive domain. This reduces the time needed to complete the entire assessment.

Survey questions are short, simple, and easy to answer for patients. PAC-Metrix uses computer adaptive testing (CAT) to complete a detailed outcomes analysis with only a fraction of the questions required by form-based measurement tools. The system uses a patient’s responses to select the next best question. This leads to a precise estimate of a patient’s function with just a few well-selected test items.

Informative results

After every assessment, scores are generated and sent to a printer. These results can be used as the basis of discussion between therapists and patients as well as used to document patient outcomes in your medical record. The results include the claims-based outcomes reporting (CBOR) G-code modifiers associated with patient outcomes, so you don’t have to do any work to look them up.

AM-PAC™ scores are distributed along a continuum of function and displayed based on the expected performance at each stage of rehabilitation. This valuable framework helps you see how you are doing compared to comparable patients. This approach to scoring helps your practice establish goals that lead to quality enhancement over time.

Using these reference guides, your therapists can gain a better understanding of the meaning of the individual scores. The guides exist for all three domains and can be printed in full color and laminated as permanent references in your facility.

Useful tools provide guidance to understanding what the scores say about patients and their levels of functional impairment. Printed copies of these tools can be kept near every computer or therapist area to support meaningful dialogue with patients about their current status as well as their desired goals for the therapy program they are undergoing.


Helpful reports

You know that you are only as good as your data. PAC-Metrix offers a growing list of reports that help you manage your patients and understand how they are progressing.

Reports can be generated as PDF to be printed or in XLX for downloads, so you can do your own analysis and reporting.

Assessment reports

  • Assessment: Single assessment detail
  • Most recent assessment:  By facility and date
  • Assessment data export

Patient improvement reports

  • Improvement: Condition type and body part
  • Improvement: Facility and admit date
  • Improvement: Facility and financial class

Patient management reports

  • Patient detail: Assessment history
  • Patient list:  New patients

Management reports

  • Practitioner list
  • Facility assignment list

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