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Help Your Staff Ensure Reimbursement and Compliance with this Unique Approach to PT Workflow

It’s a reality of modern healthcare that your practitioners have to focus on more than patient care. They also have to excel at managing documentation, authorizations, and billing as well. That’s why MediLinks physical therapy workflow software does more than issue a simple laundry list of tasks. All staff members have their own prioritized display that helps them work smarter.

Give every person in your facility a priority management “cockpit”

Everyone in your practice has a responsibility to get specific tasks completed. MediLinks tracks those important tasks and makes it completely clear to every staff member what they need to do. Your practice stays on top of timelines and critical dates so that your team can do the right thing. At the right time. Every time.

physical therapy workflow software

Customize priorities by role and discipline

No matter how you divide up responsibilities, you can customize priorities so that the right people always know what they need to do.  This cuts down on notification “noise” and helps everyone focus on what is important to them.  Whether you’re a therapist concerned with charting and progress updates or an authorizations clerk focused on renewals and extensions or a manager who wants to see what’s getting missed, you can set your configuration to drive the right responses.

Drive action with clickable notifications

It’s not enough to know what needs to be done. It needs to get done. MediLinks goes beyond highlighting the activity, it positions you to finish it. When a plan of care or physician summary is due, you can get to it right from the alert — no need to click somewhere else. That’s exactly how all the notifications work in MediLinks, keeping you appraised of what needs to be done and then helping you close it out.

physical therapy scheduling software

Work together as a team to do even more

It’s not just the individuals who make your practice unique – it’s also how they work together that defines the unique characteristics of your clinic. MediLinks gives your team tools to collaborate and share critical information so that they can support each other.  Whether it’s a note to a therapist about a particular patient’s needs or a request for help with a particular task, MediLinks helps your entire team work together to make your practice more impactful.

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