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Six Workflow Essentials of a Healthy Practice

As payers cut reimbursements and patients gain more options for where they receive care, your practice needs to evolve to these changes. Synchronizing workflow in better ways across your practice will be the key to a great experience for your patient — and is essential to achieve the compliance and revenue you need to thrive.

Synchronizing workflow is the driving concept behind MediLinks. Here are some of those guiding principles that you should also consider as you manage your practice.

  1. Manage Referrals. You may already convert those sheets of paper from your physicians into digital files. But are you converting those images into actionable information? It’s still important to know where that original piece of paper is…when it was received…and confirm that the therapist understands the specific disciplines and programs ordered under the referral. In short: if you are asked for evidence that you complied of the referral, can you quickly and easily demonstrate every aspect of that compliance?
  2. Track authorizations. Verifying benefits is a great start, but the real effort lies in managing the authorization over the course of treatment.  You almost certainly have a way to track benefit consumption now, but does that approach allow you to react quickly so that you don’t treat beyond the authorization?  Do the right people get the alerts they need to request extensions without interrupting care and inconveniencing your patient?
  3. Schedule the patient. Does your practice schedule appointments before you receive an approved plan of care? If so, what safeguards do you have in place? And once care begins, what are you doing (beyond automated phone reminders) to ensure patient compliance with appointments and home exercise?
  4. Certify plan of care and update the referring physician. Do you have the necessary alerts in place to ensure 100% compliance with updates and recertification? If so, how long does the process take your therapists to complete for each patient?
  5. Capture and report outcomes. You’ve probably found workarounds to meet the CMS requirements for G-Codes, but do you know how much they are costing you in terms of productivity and lost patient care?.   Can you benchmark your providers? Compare your practice to competitors? Sell your services to referrers based on compelling outcomes data?
  6. Discharge patients. What best practices do you have in place to manage the end of a patient’s treatment?  Do you track patients who self-discharge when they have benefits remaining and would benefit from an extra session?  How does your workflow synchronize end of benefits with end of care?

No two practices run exactly the same way; but every successful practice has mastered these six essentials of workflow. If you’d like to find ways to better equip your team, download our Practice Owner’s Guide at right to see how MediLinks can streamline your process.


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