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Make your front desk more productive with the leading physical therapy scheduling software

A high-impact front desk team makes your entire practice run better.  The patient experience at check-in is a breeze. You fill every hole in the schedule to keep your therapists treating patients. And you experience fewer no-shows thanks to a systematic patient reminder program. These are just some of the benefits of the powerful physical therapy scheduling software you will find in MediLinks.

Eliminate wasted therapist time

When your therapists aren’t treating patients, they aren’t advancing the practice. Avoid gaps in their treatment schedules with an easy-to-use waitlist that matches patients who want to receive treatment with therapists who have available time. Any time a patient cancels, the waitlist will suggest patients who want to take that schedule slot.


Make no-shows a thing of the past

Engaging your patients away from the clinic is a vital part of your provider relationship. The automated reminder system in MediLinks lets you customize text, e-mail, or phone messages to come from therapists for added impact. You can include important details based on the appointment type. And it’s all hands-free — no one has to lift a finger. This systematic communication method has proven to reduce no-shows dramatically for our clients. And when patients do cancel, you find out earlier so that you can schedule another appointment in the spot.

Simplify complex scheduling

A powerful scheduling tool means your schedulers can quickly and easily make complex recurring appointments. Booking a recurring series of appointments involving multiple providers in a busy schedule can be frustrating if you do it manually. But the scheduling logic in MediLinks can complete the task in seconds. Your front desk will also appreciate the powerful check-in feature that ensures you collect every copay. You can drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste appointments to make changes easily. Group scheduling lets you book everyone in a single command, while tracking each patient’s attendance individually.

physical therapy scheduling software

Avoid a backup in the waiting room

Your therapists can receive electronic notifications when patients check in. That means patients spend less time in the waiting room, therapists spend less time idle, and your entire practice runs smoother.

Enhance patient satisfaction with an online patient portal

The optional patient portal can link right from your website and makes it easy for patients to request a first visit, especially on evenings or weekends when your office may be closed.

Discover how MediLinks can help your front desk staff work smarter. Fill out the form today for more information.

physical therapy scheduling software
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