Reduce COPD readmission rates with pulmonary rehabilitation solutions

The Affordable Care Act has resulted in more pressure to reduce and prevent readmission rates within 30 days. MediLinks’ Pulmonary Rehabilitation documentation follows the AACVPR workflows to ensure you are staying compliant and reducing your chances of claim denial in the event of an audit. Mediware’s pulmonary content and workflow is part of MediLinks Outpatient.

  • Improve charge capture with consistent and supportive documentation specific to pulmonary rehab charge codes
  • Propagate data from the initial assessment forward to mitigate redundancy in subsequent charting
  • Render previous values in either a template grid or flowsheet in the Patient Information Panel (PIP)

View important tasks for each patient

An easy-to-read summary of important tasks for each patient helps clinicians see interrupted charts, missing charts, referrals, authorizations and appointments. The task list is configurable by each user, giving the therapist options to select relevant tasks individual to them. Therapists can toggle between disciplines and programs to view all patients, or just those assignmed to them.

Easily manage referrals and authorizations

With 72 visits allowed per life time once diagnosed with COPD, we know it’s important to be able to manage referrals for pulmonary rehab. MediLinks Outpatient simplifies the process by offering the end user a consistent method to enter the information. Referrals and authorizations are also integrated with the Task List, alerting the user when their respective expirations are near. An array of reports to support and guide the program’s marketing efforts assure optimal points.

  • Create and edit authorizations by insurance, discipline and program
  • Tie authorizations to charting events and decrement a visit from the authorized visit
  • See a quick visit of remaining authorized visits and dates
  • Automated alerts when authorizations are about to expire or have expired

Remove the complexity of scheduling

The scheduling component of MediLinks Outpatient allows for a more efficient and flexible way to schedule patients, either through the front-office, or by the clinician in real-time. You can schedule multiple appointments at one time, and ensure you don’t treat past authorized visits.

  • Utilize a centralized scheduling solution to schedule patients and resources
  • See your daily schedule, ensuring therapists are aware of charting needs and status for every scheduled patient
  • Alert the therapist when the patient has arrived and checked-in

MediLinks Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a feature of MediLinks Outpatient. Fill out the form to learn more about this solution.

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