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Get More Value out of Your Plan of Care with Custom Tools Built for the Job

The plan of care is not only critical to your patient care, it’s also the tool you use to justify that care — and its necessity going forward — to all outside parties. That’s why the plan of care is more than a collection of statements in your clinical document.  It has special requirements that no other part of your charting needs to follow. MediLinks plan of care software manages every aspect of the plan of care so that you get crystal clarity as well as flexibility for all the different workflows you need to satisfy.

Track the approval process with pinpoint accuracy

It’s not enough to just document the plan of care. You also need to get it signed by the referring physician. MediLinks tracks the approval process and manages all the different scenarios that might arise.  What if the signature gets lost?  What if the referring physician wants a change?  MediLinks makes quick work of all the steps to get it done.


Customize the plan of care output so it’s concise and to the point

No one wants to scan a 10-page evaluation to find the plan of care data they need. MediLinks produces a clean and beautiful document that says just what you need it to say to satisfy the busy audience who will read it. You can also create custom POC templates to meet the specific requests of each physician in your referral network. Then simply fax or email the POC with the click of a mouse. You enjoy all the kudos with no extra work!

Send progress summaries on time  —  every time

Progress summaries are an essential step in the plan of care communication cycle.  Unfortunately, they are needed at different times depending on the patient and the payers involved. MediLinks tracks all of these timelines to generate reminders that keep you up to speed for every patient who needs a progress summary, so you’ll look like a champ!

Physical Therapy Referral and Authorization Software

Keep track of every recertification

Medicare requires the plan of care to be recertified every 90 days.  This is just long enough to lose track of the timeline.  MediLinks tracks all of these timelines to make sure that you never miss a recert.  Notifications will keep you up to speed when the time comes to recertify and get a new approval of your care.  Don’t risk forgetting. Don’t rely on sticky notes.  Do get a tool that knows what you need to do and keeps you on top of it all!

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