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physical therapy practice management

Run Your Business More Effectively with Insights from the Leading Physical Therapy Practice Management Software

In today’s cost-conscious healthcare system, you need practice management software that tracks everything going on in your practice — to ensure quality, manage new business, and make sure you’re providing proper patient care.

MediLinks delivers those critical insights with remarkable speed and precision. You see real-time graphs and charts that instantly give you the big picture in an easy-to-read, actionable format.  You stay on top of new patients and appointment trends to keep your facility running smoothly.

Drill down into a wealth of data

When you need to get down to brass tacks, you need to know specific data points that matter.  Our reporting tools allow multiple filters, sorts, and the ability to click into the results to find deeper levels of detail.  Not only is the data rich, but you’ll quickly find what you need to answer questions or support your decisions.

physical therapy practice management software

Get a workflow health check!

You won’t wonder how your teams are doing on the critical tasks that keep your organization compliant with Medicare or other payer requirements.  Set your notification filters for PT, OT, or speech to gain an instant understanding of how well your teams are keeping up with the tasks they need to complete.  Or choose All Disciplines and see the status of your entire facility and quickly zero in on problem areas that need attention.

See your data on the screen or take it with you. You choose!

You’ll never find yourself wishing you could do more with the data in MediLinks. Every report is configurable and can be exported to paper, PDF, or spreadsheet, so you can always analyze your data the way that works best for you.

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