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Manage PT Referrals and Authorizations so Every Claim is Compliant

Providing patient care is challenging enough.  You don’t need additional worries that your care will be outside what a given payer will cover or what the physician ordered.  MediLinks physical therapy referral and authorization software helps you focus your treatments on what’s been prescribed and authorized — with tools at every step of the care process, from scheduling to treatment to physician follow-up.

Lock in compliance from the moment treatment is scheduled

MediLinks puts checks in place right at the front desk to ensure you will get paid for every scheduled treatment. The system prevents your schedulers from booking treatments that don’t comply with payer authorizations. When you actively manage therapists’ schedules to minimize unauthorized treatment sessions, you free your providers to focus more of their attention on patient care.

Physical Therapy Referral and Authorization Software
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Track authorized benefits, so you know when they are consumed and when you need to reauthorize

The best time to know that a patient’s benefits are nearly consumed is before you schedule the over-treatment. MediLinks informs your schedulers when they make appointments and also notifies therapists when remaining benefits hit critical thresholds. It doesn’t matter what kind of authorization you have: visits, monetary, days, weeks, or CPT limits. MediLinks tracks them all. This isn’t a nice-to-have feature. It’s critical for your treatment and billing workflow.

Manage Medicare therapy caps and automatically apply the necessary modifiers for cap extension

MediLinks keeps you fully informed on every Medicare patient’s progress toward the therapy cap or MMR. Your entire team has the information they need — including your schedulers, therapists, and billers. When the patient exceeds the cap, MediLinks reduces the risk of denial by automatically applying the KX modifier, so you can continue to treat and submit claims.

Physical Therapy Referral and Authorization Software
Mobile Health Are You Connected

Strengthen referral relationships with effective two-way communication

MediLinks associates your treatment plans with referring physicians. This not only helps you understand where your patients are coming from, it will help you communicate the benefits of your care to the physicians who entrust their patients to you. Because this key information is just a mouse click away and collected on a single screen, you can hold informed, detailed conversations at a moment’s notice, raising the level of service you provide to your referrers.

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