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Gain Accuracy and Speed with this Breakthrough in Physical Therapy Documentation Software

MediLinks has reinvented physical therapy documentation software to make even the most involved charting simple, accurate, and compliant. A suite of specialized tools help you enter complex data remarkably fast — including flow sheets and data tables. Whether you work in PT, OT, speech or pediatrics, you will find a complete set of templates to lighten your workload and put the focus back on the patient.

Quickly retrieve what you wrote last time to improve accuracy and speed

You never have to wonder how many reps the patient did last time or how you explained a unique observation. Let your documentation tool show you what happened last time, so you can quickly update only the parts that have changed. MediLinks helps you maintain consistency across your notes and evaluations, so you can focus on how your patients are progressing.

physical therapy documentation software
physical therapy documentation software

You’re not locked in to one template!

Your practice is a reflection of your workflow and approach.  There’s no reason your charting shouldn’t be as well.  We have a complete set of PT, OT, and SLP templates for outpatient care.  But they are merely starting points, not what you have to settle for. You can configure your templates to your unique practice standards, so they properly reflect the care that your provide.

Document what patients need, not what a rigid template requires

Templates are great to make sure your therapists cover all the information.  But when you make therapists fill out unnecessary data, you defeat the purpose. MediLinks gives your therapists the freedom to document with a simple comment or check box when appropriate or complete a detailed assessment if that’s what’s needed. Your team can always document treatment based on the needs of the patient, not the rigid requirements of a template.

physical therapy documentation software

Create clear and legible charts for PT, OT, speech, peds and more

You can choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates that cover virtually any rehab scenario. Simple, clean designs put you in the best light with referring physicians and payers, so they can quickly understand what you have done and plan to do.  And you can see exactly how your charts will look before you sign.

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