Protect your revenue with outpatient rehabilitation software

The MediLinks Advantage

“We were experiencing significant errors in our monthly manual audits, so we spent a large number of hours monitoring for accuracy. With MediLinks, our charges are accurate, our process is efficient, and we save on staff hours with the auditing process.”

Linda Webber
Director, Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital

MediLinks Outpatient will give you the data you need to grow your revenue, increase your charge capture and protect your revenue from claim denials. You’ll be able to better track MPPR (Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction) adjustments to billed charges.

Capture every charge, every time

  • Ensure every documented procedure is automatically billed
  • Automatically reconcile the number of billed units based on documented treatment time

Manage your revenue with better information

  • Track missed appointments by patient, therapist and reason
  • Analyze referrals by source, payer, etc.
  • Review the number of new evaluations by month, therapist, diagnosis, etc.
  • Monitor the number of patients or treatments performed by therapist or location
  • Report therapist productivity

Mediware Partners With FOTO

We’re now providing our customers with a better way to measure patient outcomes. Read all about it.

Outcome reporting specific to outpatient rehab

  • Client access to all outpatient-specific reports to help manage clinical and operational workflow; more than 100 standard Crystal reports
  • Capture and compare patient recorded functional outcomes using the Boston University AM-PAC ™

We know patients are your top focus, but you have to keep the dollars flowing in too!

MediLinks Outpatient will ensure you are capturing all of your charges, which means you’ll get paid every time! Fill out the form at the right to talk to a specialist about how we can improve your revenue.

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