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physical therapy billing software

Claim Every Dollar and Avoid Costly Denials with this Flexible Physical Therapy Billing Software

It’s not enough to provide great patient care. You need to be able to bill for all your services and avoid denials for preventable reasons. MediLinks physical therapy billing software brings unique workflows and technologies to the billing process that increase your reimbursement – all with flexible options to fit your specific billing method.

Capture every charge, every time

When your therapists provide therapy, you should always bill for it.  Don’t let disconnects in the workflow rob you of reimbursement for the value you provide.  MediLinks captures charges as soon as your therapists document that they have delivered treatment.  There’s no step in the middle where the charge could get lost.  And this guarantees that every charge you bill has appropriate clinical backup!

physical therapy billing software

Steer clear of CCI conflicts

A biller’s job is busy enough without having to determine structures, practitioners, or encounters to apply the correct modifiers for conflicted charges.  A much better workflow is to identify the conflicted charges when they are entered and let the person who knows what happened provide the modifier.  When CCI conflicts are caught early and addressed, the entire process runs much more smoothly.

Report units correctly so your claims process properly

It’s neither simple nor straightforward to comprehensively convert minutes of therapy into units for billing. Your therapists probably don’t want to be masters of this kind of math, so you should let the application manage this for them. Automatically convert minutes to the correct number of units across the entire day of care. You can have confidence that the rules are being applied fully and accurately.


Integrate with your current billing system

If your facility uses a billing system already, that’s not a problem!  Mediware solutions integrate with billing systems using widely published integration standards.  You don’t have to change your billing process, and you get all the benefits of our validation workflows.

Use an expert to increase your collections

Mediware has partnered with Flatirons Practice Management to offer a seamless integration to billing services.  Document in MediLinks and let the information automatically flow to Flatirons, so their billing and collections experts can go to work for you.  They are experts in rehabilitation billing and will put their experience in your court.


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