Find out why so many outpatient rehab departments choose MediLinks

As new requirements and regulations hit your rehab department, you need a solution that does more than document treatment. MediLinks is designed specifically for what you need today:

  • Lock in compliance with every regulation and payer requirement, using advanced branching logic 
  • Automate G-code and Therapy Cap tracking to reduce denials and potential audits.
  • Keep your therapists working with hands-free text/phone/email appointment reminders and an automated wait list that reduce no-shows and fill in idle slots

No other rehab solution does so much to eliminate compliance worries and maximize reimbursement so you can focus on what really matters — getting your patient better.

Revenue   – How are you managing MPPR, minimizing denied claims and raising your team productivity?

Scheduling   – Reduce no-shows, optimize wait lists and utilize drag-and-drop functionality to change appointments on-the-fly

Compliance   – Find easy answers to G-Codes, the Therapy Cap and other complex payer requirements

Workflow   – Streamline workflow with a solution designed specifically for outpatient rehab

Documentation   – Zoom through your daily charts in less time with lightning-fast templates