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Switch to the physical therapy software built for the business of Rehab

In today’s new world of healthcare, you need business-savvy physical therapy software that goes beyond the basic functions of documentation and billing.

MediLinks has answered the call with a complete system for PT, OT, and SLP therapy that maximizes results and ensures your patients receive the best care possible. This complete solution reinvents the core functions of documentation, billing, scheduling, and reporting – and adds practice builders you’ve never seen before:

  • Priority Management — Guides every member of your team to work smarter
  • Referral & Authorization Administration — Helps you grow your business and enhance compliance
  • Plan of Care Coordination — Enhances physician relations and streamlines recertifications

Gain Accuracy and Speed with Breakthrough PT Documentation Tools

MediLinks has reinvented physical therapy documentation software to make even the most involved charting simple, accurate, and compliant. A suite of specialized tools help you enter complex data remarkably fast — including flow sheets and data tables. Whether you work in PT, OT, SLP or pediatrics, you will find a complete set of templates to lighten your workload and put the focus back on the patient.

Make Your Front Desk More Productive With Better Scheduling

A high-impact front desk makes your entire practice run better. The patient experience at check-in is a breeze. You fill every hole in the schedule to keep your therapists treating patients. And you experience fewer no-shows thanks to a systematic patient reminder program. These are just some of the benefits of the powerful physical therapy scheduling software that is part of MediLinks.

Claim Every Dollar and Avoid Costly Denials

It’s not enough to provide great patient care. You need to be able to bill for all your services and avoid denials for preventable reasons. MediLinks brings unique workflows and technologies to physical therapy billing software that increase your reimbursement – all with flexible options to fit your specific billing method.

Manage Your Practice More Effectively with the Insights You Gain from MediLinks Reporting

In today’s cost-conscious healthcare system, you need to know what’s going on in your practice at all times — to ensure quality, manage new business, and make sure you’re providing proper patient care. MediLinks physical therapy practice management software gives you complete visibility of all these aspects of your practice, plus much more.

Help Your Teams Complete the Tasks that Ensure Reimbursement and Compliance

It’s a reality of modern healthcare that your practitioners have to focus on more than patient care. They also have to excel at managing documentation, authorizations, and billing as well. That’s why MediLinks does more than issue a simple laundry list of tasks. You gain complete physical therapy workflow management; so all of your staff members see their own prioritized display to help them work smarter.

Manage Your Care so that Every Claim Matches What’s Authorized

Providing patient care is challenging enough. You don’t need additional worries that your care will be outside what a given payer will cover or what the physician ordered. MediLinks helps you focus your treatments on PT referrals and authorizations — with tools at every step of the care process, from scheduling to treatment to physician follow-up.

Get More Value out of Your Plan of Care with Custom Tools Built for the Job

The plan of care is not only critical to your patient care, it’s also the tool you use to justify that care — and its necessity going forward — to all outside parties. That’s why the plan of care is more than a collection of statements in your clinical document. It has special requirements that no other part of your charting needs to follow. MediLinks plan of care management gives you crystal clarity for all the different workflows you need to satisfy.

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