Create G-Code Modifiers

Use the AM-PAC™ to generate G-code modifiers for almost any body part or diagnosis.

Convert G-Code Modifiers

Use the free G-code modifier smart phone app to convert more than 110 common assessment tools.

G-code modifiers for every patient

With the AM-PAC™, you can assess the majority of your patients.  It is validated across body parts and diagnoses, ranging from orthopedic to major medical and neurologic.  If you are looking for a better way to get your G-code modifiers, this is the instrument for you!

  • One instrument – Save confusion and mix-ups
  • One score – Use it for metrics and comparisons
  • One workflow – Easier for the front desk staff and therapists
  • Two options:  Computer-based or paper short forms

Learn more about the AM-PAC™.

Convert the scores you already have

Give your therapists the tools they need to quickly and easily convert their scores into the correct G-code modifiers!  Download the FREE smart phone app, and you can convert scores from more than 90 commonly used instruments into G-code modifiers.

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