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Doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

Web-Based Assessments

Use the full AM-PAC™ as a web application anywhere, any time, for all your patients.

Paper Short Forms

Use the short forms to easily assess your patients with just a pen and paper.

Web-based assessments

All you need is a browser to assess your patients and get an AM-PAC™ value that can be compared across diagnosis, setting, and patient type.

  • One instrument – Avoid confusion and mix-ups
  • One score – Use it for metrics and comparisons
  • One workflow – Easier for the front desk staff and therapists

Paper short forms

PAC-Metrix provides three separate versions of the AM-PAC™ Short Forms, which are each appropriate to different settings or patient groups:

  • Standard outpatient short form: Sample
  • DOTPA (CMS) outpatient short form: Sample
  • Inpatient “6-Click” short form: Sample
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