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Smiling young female doctor working at the clinic reception, she is using a computer and writing medical reports

Improve Your Practice

The only improvement that matters is the improvement you can measure!

Outcomes Demonstrate Value

Everyone wants to know that what they do makes a difference. When personal assurances aren’t convincing, use data. Collect real data on the value your therapy provides using the AM-PAC™. This measurable information will give your marketing and recruitment real teeth.

  • Demonstrate results with payers – win approval and increased collaboration with payer case managers
  • Show your patients you have the ability to track even subtle changes with a research driven outcomes measurement tool
  • Convince referring Physicians that effectiveness and outcomes are measured to warrant increased referrals
  • Satisfy your therapists with data that shows that they make a difference

The AM-PAC™ can be used across the broadest range of functional impairment, virtually regardless of body part, diagnosis, or setting.  Get started today with the one assessment that will satisfy the broadest range patients.

  • One Instrument – Save confusion and mix-ups
  • One Score – Use it for metrics and comparisons
  • One Workflow – Easier for the front desk and therapists
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