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Demonstrate the value of your practice with cutting-edge outcome reporting from Mediware

Everyone wants to know that what you do makes a difference. When personal assurances don’t convince, turn to the trusted outcomes data delivered by the AM-PAC.™ This single instrument can be used across the broadest range of functional impairment, regardless of body part, diagnosis, or setting.

  • One Instrument – Save confusion and mix-ups
  • One Score – Use it for metrics and comparisons
  • One Workflow – Easier for the front desk and therapists

Get started today with the one assessment that will satisfy the broadest range patients.

Choose the assessment method that works best for you — paper or digital

Whether you choose Mediware’s full web application or the paper-based short forms, you can get started quickly and use them anywhere, any time, for all your patients, regardless of impairment, body part, diagnosis or setting

Paper Short Forms

Use the short forms to easily assess your patients with just a pen and paper. Your short form license also allows you to place the questions directly in your HIS documentation system. Read more…

Web-Based Assessment

All you need is a browser to assess your patients and get an AM-PAC™ value which can be compared across diagnosis, setting and patient type. Read more…


Easily create G-Code Modifiers for every patient

With the AM-PAC™ you can assess the majority of your patients.  It is validated across body parts and diagnoses, ranging from Orthopedic, to Major Medical and Neurologic.  If you are looking for a better way to get your G-Code Modifiers, this is the instrument for you!

FREE APP — convert the scores you already have. Download the FREE Smart Phone app and you can convert scores from more than 90 commonly used instruments into G-Code Modifiers. Download Mediware’s FREE GCode app…

Track patients through the Continuum of Care

If you are a part of an integrated network (IDN) or an accountable care organization (ACO), you need to ensure that patients are getting the right outcomes regardless of the setting. The  AM-PAC™ spans across the entire Continuum of Care to measure patient functional outcomes.  With it, you can track the entire patient episode and capture the level of functional gain realized in every setting.  Use this knowledge to make better decisions about how to help patients navigate all the care options available to them:

  • Acute Care
  • Inpatient Rehab Facility
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Outpatient Rehab

Here’s what CMS found…

When CMS’ DOTPA Project needed to choose an Outcomes instrument, they used a Short Form Assessment with questions drawn from the AM-PAC™ item bank. Get ahead of the change curve and start to use the AM-PAC™ today! Start to build your outcomes repository with the same instrument selected for CMS.

Now you can convince referring physicians that your outcomes warrant increased referrals — and show your patients that you have the ability to track even subtle changes — all with a research-driven outcomes measurement tool that’s highly accurate and easy to use.

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