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MediLinks: Custom Rehab Software for PT, OT, and Speech Therapists

MediLinks is the only software solution that can be tailored to fit your unique workflow so that you can provide an excellent patient experience, greater payer compliance, and higher practice profitability without missing a beat. Our software constantly works behind the scenes with tools and workflows designed to help guide therapists through their busy days with the assurance that requirements will never be missed. No matter how many disciplines or how many locations you may have, MediLinks gives PT, OT, and speech therapists the freedom to spend more time doing what they do best — treating patients.

When you join the MediLinks family, you’ll gain a powerful set of tools

MediLinks is a comprehensive solution for PT, OT, and SLP therapy with features to help you manage your entire practice. We won’t skimp on functionality, so every client gets all the tools they need.

Scheduling: Track and manage therapists’ schedules across multiple locations and disciplines.

Documentation and Clinical Content: Access MediLinks’ full suite of templates for all disciplines — PT, OT, and SLP. This includes standardized and specialty tests, with additional tests being added every month.

Charge Capture: Avoid extra steps and streamline your processes because we’ve made it easy for you to send data to the most commonly used billing providers.

Reporting: Monitor key performance indicators, including attendance, monthly stats, and billing data to help you monitor trends and implement change as needed.


Choose the implementation and support model to meet your needs

Our team of dedicated product managers and clinical specialists are here to help you succeed with MediLinks. Choose from a variety of implementation options for a customized solution to fit your needs and budget.

  • Super-user and end-user training
  • Configure and customize templates to meet your exact needs
  • Add specialty tests to your content and workflow
  • Configure the application to support your unique workflows

Our fully staffed support team is available to resolve any issues you encounter during your workday, and monthly training is available to highlight new features and answer questions.

Add features to expand your capabilities

The core MediLinks package includes everything you need. However, we offer additional tools you can use to bring more value to your practice.

  • Send custom email, text, and phone appointment confirmations to stay connected with patients
  • Integration with FOTO outcomes
  • Integration with Physio Tools patient exercise management
  • Create custom reports to meet your practice’s specific and unique reporting requirements
  • Interface with other health systems, such as hospitals you may be partnering with
  • Integration with Flatirons practice management for billing, collections, and practice management services