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MediLinks Outpatient: The Leading Software for Outpatient Rehab Providers

Outpatient rehab facilities differ from all other healthcare settings. That’s why we designed MediLinks Outpatient to meet the needs of all the workflows that make your clinic unique. With regular updates to templates and documentation, it lowers your risk of compliance issues and audits and will help you stay safely ahead of industry and regulatory changes.

Hear what our clients have to say about MediLinks

“The one word that describes our processes now is efficiency. MediLinks is the only product that met our needs because it is so easily customizable.”

Amy Sudduth
Assistant Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


What You Get

MediLinks Outpatient is designed and optimized to meet the stringent clinical requirements of the rehabilitation industry. We don’t offer compromises or workarounds. Our sole aim is to help you treat your patients, stay compliant, and get paid for your efforts.


Powerful scheduling tools enable your front desk staff to schedule a complex, recurring series or search for a single open block across multiple therapists. Prevent no-shows and remind your patients of their appointments with custom call, text, or email reminders.

Authorizations and referral management

Capture and track specific information regarding authorizations and referrals, which link scheduling and front desk automation. Management tools proactively walk your team through a workflow that won’t exceed mandates by payers or referring physicians.

Front desk automation and patient check-in

Front desk automation tools help your front desk team collect copays, verify insurance, and alert therapists as soon as their patients check in.


You will receive a complete set of customizable templates including evaluations, treatment notes, progress updates, and discharge templates for PT, OT and speech. Documentation automatically drives G-codes, plan-of-care management, outcome measures, and specialty tests.

Plan of care

Manage patient problems and goals together, and generate easy-to-read care plans that can be electronically submitted to referring physicians for approval.

Integrated charge capture

Billing charges are generated automatically while you document. Powerful review tools allow you to ensure accuracy and completeness before submitting electronically to your billing system.  MediLinks automatically manages billing rules such as CCI edits, automated time and unit reconciliation, KX modifier, and MPPR management.

Clinical and financial management

Dashboards and reports are designed to communicate the data captured across your system as well as user-configurable notifications keeping users aware of important tasks and activities necessary for outstanding and compliant patient care.


MediLinks has a proven track record of integrating with any EHR. Our flexible data mapper ensures that data goes where it is needed. Clients regularly choose ADT, charting, billing, and scheduling integration.

MediLinks Outpatient Implementation and Product Support

Whether you have an existing electronic system or currently use paper, implementing MediLinks Outpatient represents an investment for change. Mediware has a proven implementation methodology that removes uncertainty and properly prepares your team for the new solution.  Whether you are implementing our recommended content and workflows or customizing them to fit your unique circumstances, our team of dedicated product managers and clinical specialists are here to help you succeed.

Comprehensive implementation

Your first line of support begins on day one.

Let our team of project managers, clinical specialists, and integration experts start your organization off right. From assessing your organization’s needs with our comprehensive business analyses to developing efficient workflows to entering your first client into your system, our implementation team will make sure your implementation is geared for success from day one! Not only will you receive implementation training but also ongoing monthly education webinars to keep you up to date.

Online support

We provide an abundance of practical online resources that are only a click away.
Whether you need a quick answer, a comprehensive guide to implement a workflow, or something in between, our library of online resources is accessible and ready to help.

Take advantage of our online Customer Information and Collaboration Portal, regularly scheduled webinars, and much more!

Dedicated customer support

Your customer support specialist is only a phone call or email away.
Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your system’s success, our account managers and professional support specialists not only provide top-notch customer service as they coordinate your inquiries but also provide familiarity with you, your organization, and your system. You won’t believe what a difference this makes.

Industry compliance

Leave compliance to us.

We have your back when it comes to ensuring your organizational adherence to all applicable data collection and reporting standards. Our team is responsible for annual content and workflow updates to comply with changes from CMS, and we review and validate all data to ensure it meets your internal standards.

Get the most out of MediLinks with additional services for success

More than technical support, Mediware offers personalized clinical support and program management to ensure you get the maximum value out of your investment.


Need a tune-up for your organization or extra support for a special project?

Our client services team has an extensive range of expertise to provide comprehensive education and technical consulting. In whatever areas you require assistance, we have an expert to consult and work with your organization.

On and off-site training services

Learn how to maximize your system.

In order to utilize the most functionality in your system, training is fundamental. We offer multiple training options, including on-site, off-site, online training, and regional and national training events to make sure we provide opportunities to build important skills in the most suitable format.

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