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Discover Why MediLinks is the Most Trusted Software Solution for Inpatient Rehab Providers

Thousands of inpatient rehab providers rely on MediLinks, the single EMR system built for the specific needs of inpatient rehab. MediLinks has you covered from admission to discharge with workflows, care planning, pre and post admission tools and updated regulations built right into the solution. For over 25 years providers have trusted MediLinks to quickly respond to regulatory requirements, have a more productive and efficient staff and increase revenue.

MediLinks for Inpatient Rehabilitation offers powerful solutions   

Interdisciplinary Plan of Care: automatically share problems, barriers to discharge and recommended team goals with each team member in real-time.

Manage IRF Compliance: Complete documentation for therapists, nurses and physicians ensures you are meeting 3-hour rule regulations, and producing consistent, legible documentation if and when you are faced with an audit.

Scheduling: Replace whiteboards with an automated, real-time scheduling system to increase team communication across your unit for the benefit of your staff, patients and families.

Pre-admission: Easily comply with the CMS 48 hour pre-admission assessment requirements with a tool that allows physicians to sign off on pre-admissions anytime, anywhere and on any device.

IRF-PAI management: Increase revenue by improving the accuracy and consistency of your IRF-PAI scores by eliminating subjectivity from the FIM scoring process.

EMR Integration: Major EMR’s don’t give you the in-depth data you need for your inpatient rehab facility. MediLinks seamlessly integrates with your EMR and ADT, and provide annual software updates so you never have to worry about making changes.


Choose the implementation and support model to meet your needs   

Our team of dedicated product managers and clinical specialists are here to help you succeed with MediLinks. Choose from a variety of implementation options for a customized solution to fit your needs and budget.

  • Super-user and end-user training
  • Integration, configuration and workflow design testing
  • Annual content and workflow updates to comply with CMS changes, UDs and eRehab requirement changes

Our fully staffed support team can help you resolve any issues you run into during your workday, and monthly training is available to highlight new features and answer questions.

Add features to expand your capabilities

The core MediLinks package includes everything you need. However, we offer additional tools you can use to bring more value to your facility.

  • Schedule monitors that you can use around your unit to display patient schedules
  • Ability to display patient schedules in patient rooms
  • Additional interfaces such as billing, scheduling, and orders
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