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See Why MediLinks is the Most Trusted Solution for Inpatient Rehab Providers 

Thousands of IRF clinicians rely on MediLinks every day to meet the specific needs of inpatient rehab. This EMR has you covered from admission to discharge — with workflows, care planning, pre and post admission tools and updated regulatory compliance built right into the solution. For over 25 years providers have trusted MediLinks to quickly respond to regulatory requirement changes, boost staff productivity and increase revenue.

Hear what our clients have to say about MediLinks

“Mediware is a partner in our being able to deliver the best post-acute care services that we can in the most efficient way possible.”

Janet Herbold
Vice President of Post-Acute Services


What you get

MediLinks is a fully comprehensive IRF solution equipped with every module you need as an IRF provider. When you purchase MediLinks you will have access to all of the following features:


Preadmission screening templates drive status and timeline management.  Physicians can log in to review and approve or receive text messages and approve on the go using an approved smart-phone integration.

EHR Integration

The MediLinks Integration Engine can communicate with all major hospital EHRs.  The list of available standard HL7 integrations includes:

  • Registration data (ADT)
  • Narrative and/or PDF charting outbound (to the medical record)
  • Discrete data inbound and/or outbound (labs, medications, etc)
  • Billing outbound
  • Orders inbound


Inpatient rehab-centric scheduling  automates scheduling and manages three-hour rule compliance. Patient schedules are available to every practitioner and support real-time communication between clinicians, patients, and their caregivers.  

IRF-specific content

MediLinks provides charting templates for a full range of IRF disciplines. The system facilitates collaboration among therapists, nurses, the IRF-PPS coordinator, physicians, and case management. MediLinks clinical templates support a wide range of IRF treatment programs.

Interdisciplinary plan of care and team conference

MediLinks’ plan of care feature collects interdisciplinary problems and tracks barriers to discharge. Users can document problem status updates and demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration to resolving barriers.  The plan of care flows automatically into team conference documentation and supports physician signature on the team conference report.

IRF-PAI and FIM Management

MediLinks FIM documentation helps practitioners assess consistently and accurately to capture the full patient burden of care.  The IRF-PAI module extracts FIM and IRF-PAI data from daily charting and assembles all required data for submission to eRehab Data or UDSmr for benchmarking. MediLinks produces compliant export files that all outcomes providers can read to eliminate double entry of IRF-PAI data.

Implementation and support

We believe support is more than an anonymous voice from a call center. When you use MediLinks, you engage with a team of dedicated professionals providing layers of support, from initial implementation to successful ongoing use. Our team of dedicated product managers and clinical specialists are here to help you succeed.

Comprehensive implementation

Your first line of support begins on day one.

Let our implementation specialists start your organization off right! From assessing your organization’s needs with our comprehensive business analyses to developing efficient workflows, to entering your first client to your system, our implementation team will make sure your implementation is geared for success from day one!

Online support

We provide an abundance of practical online resources, which are only a click away!
Whether you need a quick answer, a comprehensive guide to implement a workflow, or something in between, our library of online resources are accessible and ready to help!

Take advantage of our online portal for customer information and collaboration, regularly scheduled webinars, and much more!

Dedicated customer support specialists

Your customer support specialist is only a phone call or email away
Our customer support specialists not only provide top-notch customer service as they coordinate your inquiries but also provide familiarity with you, your organization, and your system. You won’t believe what a difference this makes.

Industry compliance team

Leave compliance to us!

Our industry compliance team has your back when it comes to ensuring your organizational adherence to all applicable data collection and reporting standards. The team is responsible for annual content and workflow updates to comply with changes from CMS, and team members review and validate all data to ensure it meets your internal standards.

Get the most out of MediLinks with additional services

The core MediLinks package includes everything you need. However, we offer additional tools you can use to bring more value to your facility.


Need a tune-up for your organization or extra support for a special project?

Our client services team has an extensive range of expertise to provide comprehensive education and technical consulting. In whatever areas you require assistance, we have an expert to consult and work with your organization.

On and off-site training services

Learn how to maximize your system.

In order to utilize the most functionality in your system, training is fundamental. We offer multiple training options, including onsite , off-site, online training, and regional and national training events to make sure we provide opportunities to build important skills in the most suitable format.

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