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MediLinks for Inpatient

Are you meeting CMS requirements? You will breeze through your documentation solution with a workflow built specifiically for your facility. From PreAdmission to Discharge, MediLinks Inpatient will ensure your facility is compliant from start to finish. Our clients have passed audits with flying colors after implementing MediLinks Inpatient. With a documentation solution that includes workflows specific to inpatient rehab, care planning, pre and post admission tools, and updated new regulations built right into the solution, our product will help make your job easier! You’ll be able to quickly respond to regulatory requirements, have a more productive and efficient staff, and you’ll bring in more revenue by using a fully completed IRF Patient Assessment Instrument.

Documentation specific to your workflow needs

“This last visit from the Joint Commission was the best session I have experienced since working at Central Vermont. When the surveyor interviewed our therapists regarding our practices, we had documentation to answer every question she had. The MediLinks solution made us shine.”

Nancy Lothian
COO, Central Vermont Medical Center

For more than 25 years, we’ve been continually working to improve our rehabilitation solutions. Mediware has dozens of clinical experts who are working to help you stay ahead of the ever-changing rehabilitation industry. That’s why our powerful Inpatient solution is built around your day-to-day workflow needs. With MediLinks Inpatient, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly respond to regulatory changes within the industry to stay compliant
  • Be prepared for your next audit by providing auditors with thorough and legible documentation
  • Ensure that your documentation supports the level of care you provide by guiding your clinicians through the documentation process
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of your IRFPAI scores which can result in an increase in revenue
  • Allow your clinicians to chart by exception
  • Eliminate redundant documentation by automating the generation of the physician post-admission assessment, 4-day plan of care, weekly team conference and plan of care updates
  • Manage patient progress with outcome reports
  • Convenient physician signature features allow for admitting, commenting on and discharging patients
  • Determine nurse staff needs based on patient acuity
  • See your daily schedule, block of time, track 3 Hour Rule, cancel or change appointments
  • Receive warnings/alerts when patient exceeds authorized treatments
  • Interfaces with every major HIS to make workflow easier for staff
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