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Increase your collections and reduce billing costs with MediLinks and Flatirons Practice Management

Billing is difficult. Time-consuming. And it quickly goes from bad to worse when your only billing person goes on vacation. That’s why MediLinks offers you a better option: Flatirons Practice Management.

Eliminate billing hassles and focus on what you do best

Your billing data flows directly from MediLinks to the Flatirons reimbursement team, so there is virtually nothing to think about. And unlike other billing services that put much of the work back on you, Flatirons handles everything for you:

  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Submission
  • Appeals
  • Patient Phone Calls
  • Reporting

You work with a dedicated specialist who quickly learns the unique features of your practice. That specialist oversees a tireless team of reimbursement experts who aggressively work every claim to minimize delays, rejections or denials.

Track your financials with complete transparency

You can check the status of any claim at any time or call to speak to a live person if you ever have a question. Flatirons becomes an extension of your own team, serving your patients with the same courtesy and care you would. In short: you outsource the responsibility without losing control.

Make more money and shorten your billing cycles

Flatirons has a proven track record of improving your bottom line.  Your claims are are paid quickly and any issues are resolved speedily. You will enjoy:

  • Faster Payments
  • Reduced Rejections
  • Satisfied Patients

Fill out the form to speak to a rehabilitation specialist who can review your options and help you determine if Flatirons is the right choice for you…

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