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Protect Reimbursement and Payment with MediLinks’ Skilled Nursing Content

Now you can extend the continuum of care from the IRF to your skilled nursing unit (SNU) without transferring data from one documentation system to another. MediLinks features templates and workflows designed specifically for skilled nursing. This ensures medical necessity documentation and helps you easily collect and manage Minimum Data Set (MDS) and Resource Utilization Group (RUG) levels. You also gain multiple checks and balances that help you manage compliance at every stage of patient care.

Shift patient care seamlessly from acute care to IRF to SNF

MediLinks’ interdisciplinary design helps you manage an evolving plan of care throughout a patient’s progress, all in one system. At every stage — from acute care to inpatient rehabilitation to skilled nursing and outpatient care — you gain rehab-specific tools your EHR simply doesn’t provide. Unique content and workflows support the evaluations, goal setting, and progress notes appropriate to each stage of care. Your patients enjoy a seamless transition through their recovery, and your clinicians see a complete patient record that leads to more informed care.

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Simplify compliance with MDS and RUG requirements

MediLinks provides complete documentation tools specific to skilled nursing, limiting your compliance risk.

  • Capture MDS scores and manage therapy minutes directly from the documentation, to save time and reduce the chance of error
  • Document and justify the patient length of stay and avoid unnecessary reductions in payment
  • Track therapy minutes against the RUG level with robust scheduling and reporting tools

Optimize orders and workload management

You gain complete visibility of the patient’s status with a carefully designed set of screens, alerts, and reports that ensure you are always on top of the patient’s current needs.

  • Receive immediate notification of new admissions or discharges
  • Monitor status of patient orders and trigger charting specific to an order
  • Distribute work associated with orders and redistribute workloads as necessary
  • Report productivity statistics

MediLinks Skilled Nursing content and workflow is a feature of MediLinks Inpatient. Fill out the form to learn more today!

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