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Streamline IRF Scheduling to Free Your Therapists to Spend More Time with Patients

One of the biggest drains on your therapists is the time spent scheduling. Take a day to see how much time your therapists spend at the wall board, and you may be amazed. That’s why MediLinks has introduced a breakthrough approach to therapist-patient time management: patient-centric scheduling. This powerful innovation greatly improves efficiency and quality of care in inpatient settings.
  • Quickly find available treatment times in your busy facility schedule
  • Simplify three-hour rule compliance
  • Monitor the up and down times of spinal cord patients

Most important, this radically different approach to IRF scheduling makes your therapists more productive. Keep reading to find out how.

Schedule patient therapy without “hunting and pecking”

Patient-centric IRF scheduling puts all your patients right on your scheduling grid, so you can easily compare their schedules with therapist availability. By displaying a patient schedule alongside the therapist column, you can quickly find treatment times that work, even in an extremely hectic schedule.

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Boost productivity and improve patient care

MediLinks gives everyone in your IRF real-time updates on the day’s schedule, including any last-minute changes or corrections. Whether it’s displayed on the therapist’s laptop, a big-screen in the nursing station, or a monitor in the patient’s room, everyone knows exactly what’s going on. And all that time you save frees your team to work more closely with patients.

Replace your whiteboard and colored markers with a touchscreen scheduling display

Now you can put scheduling at your fingertips — literally. MediLinks can display the schedule on monitors across your unit for the benefit of your staff, patients, and families. These HIPAA-compliant displays can be edited with touchscreen technology to adapt to last-minute changes in the schedule. Speak to a Mediware consultant today to see how you can replace your outdated whiteboard and markers with real-time updates and better communication across your entire unit.


Print daily schedules with ease

You can easily print daily schedules for clinicians, nursing stations,  and more. Patients and their families will appreciate seeing the day’s schedule in advance. This added visibility also enhances collaboration and communication throughout your facility.

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