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Expedite Inpatient Preadmission and Reduce the Risk of Denials

Mediware has pioneered a better preadmission process that ensures your team meets the strict timelines demanded by CMS.

From built-in alerts that notify you of key deadlines to mobile tools that let your physicians approve patients for admission using their smart phones, you will always stay compliant and protect your reimbursement on every admission.

Equip your doctors to make fast, accurate patient decisions

The mobile technology in MediLinks removes virtually every obstacle to timely physician approval.

  • When prospective patients are ready for approval, your clinical liaison can send text messages to the doctors letting them know patient cases are ready to review.
  • Your physicians can review the entire preadmission screen on their smart phones, add comments, and apply their decisions with a click.
Mobile Health Are You Connected

Push preadmission data directly into your clinical documentation

MediLinks saves you time and reduces errors by feeding preadmission findings directly where you need them. It’s the best preadmission process you can use!

  • Data from the preadmission screen flows directly into the physician’s post-admission evaluation, saving time and typing
  • Preadmission screen data automatically populates therapist evaluations, letting your therapists reuse the parts that matter for their charts

Save keystrokes and avoid costly errors

The preadmission screen guides your team to capture a complete, compliant evaluation of every patient. This data then flows directly into all the documents, charts, and assessments used throughout the course of care. Your physicians, nurses, and therapists all work off the same information, reducing data re-entry and the risk of errors that can lead to audits.

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