Your IRF disciplines must work together. Give them a tool that makes the process efficient and effective.

Capture and manage clear interdisciplinary problem lists

Unlike other care settings, your IRF must manage an interdisciplinary plan of care for every patient. All participating therapy disciplines, nursing staff, and physicians must work together to manage and execute a single plan of care.

Streamline team conference and improve team communication

Patients in your inpatient facility receive specialized care from physicians, rehab-focused nursing staff, and a minimum of two rehab therapists. These caregivers, under the leadership of your physicians, must meet weekly to develop and review a team plan of care for each patient.

MediLinks combines charting information from physicians, therapists, and nurses into a common view and framework to meet CMS regulations. This common view further allows your team to update and manage each patient’s plan throughout the stay.

MediLinks content already captures all of the data elements needed to support the required plan of care, and reports provide the ability to generate paper copies for audit and external reference purposes so you are covered all the way around.

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