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Protect Your IRF from the Audit Trap

Audits are a fact of life.  There are more than 40 ways Medicare can deny your claim for technical compliance failures.  A survey of recent MAC audits shows denial rates ranging from 30% to 75%.

MediLinks gives you confidence that the audit trap won’t consume your hard-earned reimbursement. You lock in checks and balances to reduce the risk of denial — and when you are audited, you can remain confident your actions will stand up to the highest level of scrutiny.

Find out your audit risk with Mediware’s FREE operational assessment

Mediware has developed the Facility Operational Assessment: a tool to examine common reasons for audit and identify risk areas. It is a remarkably in-depth, completely confidential review of your facility that focuses on nine key areas of compliance and their impact on revenue. It can lead to millions of dollars in added reimbursement and peace of mind that you won’t get from your EHR vendor!

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Safeguard your IRF with a full suite of compliance reporting tools

MediLinks delivers the key compliance indicators your management team needs to cope with CMS regulations. You will always know your staff is following the proper workflows to ensure consistent outcomes and complete alignment with CMS in all areas, including:

  • Three-hour rule
  • Preadmission
  • Care coordination
  • Patient cost burden reduction
  • Patient discharge setting
  • Patient education
  • Practitioner productivity
  • Patient problem goal tracking

Manage your facility to the KPIs that drive results

Speak with a rehabilitation specialist today about the Operational Assessment. This in-depth review focuses on key areas of compliance and their impact on your revenue. Fill out the form below to request this in-depth, confidential review of your facility.

Request Your FREE Operational Assessment below.

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