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Optimize FIM Scoring and Boost Reimbursements As Much As $3,000 Per Patient*

You may find that many of your functional scores are either inconsistent, inaccurate, or both. It seems no two clinicians do it the same. The result: lower scores that lead to lower reimbursement. Mediware’s IRF Management Tool ensures consistency and accuracy of patient functional scoring from all your clinicians. Two separate IRF studies found that Mediware increased the average reimbursement per discharge by up to $3,000! Download the findings below.

Take the subjectivity and guesswork out of FIM scoring

Mediware’s proven approach to functional scoring delivers consistent results. Because CMS reimburses according to each patient’s care needs, you can’t afford assessment errors. Don’t let your staff’s assumptions or blind spots cost you.

  • Ensure an accurate and defensible score with EVERY assessment, from EVERY therapist, on EVERY patient
  • Remove subjectivity from FIM scoring
  • Get paid the full amount you are entitled to based on each patient’s burden of care
  • Achieve consistent results with prompts that guide your team every step of the way
interdisciplinary plan of care

Mediware set the standard in FIM score optimization. Why settle for anyone else?

When you work with Mediware, you gain proven technology in functional scoring, continual innovation from the most experienced team in rehab, and insights from some of the leading IRFs in the country that rely on MediLinks every day. We can help you identify those instances when team members fail to optimize scoring, so you can equip them with the tools to get back on track.

Download the PDF below to learn more about our scoring methodology as well as the results of two separate studies that found Mediware can increase your revenue by up to $3,000 per patient!

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