Optimize FIM

Boost reimbursement by an average of $908 per patient

Evolve your FIM scoring for maximum reimbursement

When it comes to reimbursements under the IRF prospective payment system, the only factor over which you have control is your assessment of the patient’s functional status. Because CMS reimburses according to each patient’s care needs, you can’t afford assessment errors. Don’t let your staff’s assumptions or blind spots cost you.

  • MediLinks removes subjectivity from FIM scoring
  • Don’t rely on periodic training and annual certifications; MediLinks guides every assessment on every patient every day
  • Improved FIM™ scoring means you get paid the full amount you are entitled to based on the patient’s needs
  • Prompts guide your team so that you get consistent results

Lock in the best FIM score possible

  • Standardization ensures that you get consistent scoring by applying a common proven FIM evaluation to every item for every patient
  • Identify caregivers who consistently score patients differently than their peers, so you can provide more training
  • Prompts guide your team so that you get consistent results

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