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Stay Ahead of the Changes CMS Is Bringing to Your IRF

The latest IRF-PAI changes threaten to overwhelm many IRFs — and CMS shows no sign of easing up. The latest submission is more than twice as long and introduces new assessments, scoring frameworks, and responsibilities. Here are some of the ways Mediware keeps you ahead of these changes:

  • Continually updated and validated content to meet every changing data requirement
  • Software tools that are updated annually to meet new regulations
  • Recommended and configurable workflows to organize your facility’s compliance
  • Education and training to keep your practitioners aware of changes and how to meet them
  • Program management for the annual change cycle to ensure everyone knows what they need to do

Protect your productivity in the face of major IRF-PAI changes

IRF-PAI 2017 is more than double the length of the previous assessment. If your team has struggled to adapt, or you’re still waiting for your EHR to provide a solution, take a look at Mediware.

  • Your software and clinical content is updated annually to meet CMS’ IRF-PAI changes – at no extra cost!
  • Mediware manages the change cycle for you and gives you enough time to test and prepare
  • Our change communication keeps your team up to speed on the transition in your facility

You get more than software — you gain trustworthy advice

During the run-up to IRF-PAI 2017, Mediware customers profited from regular webinars preparing them for the changes and guidance on how to set up internal processes to manage the transition. Everyone was ready to go well in advance of the October 1 deadline!

Tap into Mediware’s expertise with the highly affordable IRF Management Tool

Mediware’s IRF Management Tool is designed to run alongside your EHR. It provides the data collection, validation, export, and reporting tools you need while automating the collection of all the new data elements in IRF-PAI 2017.

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