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Take the Headache out of Managing the Three-Hour Rule

MediLinks has reinvented the way you manage three-hour rule compliance — with a complete workflow backed by real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting. You will be amazed at the difference: no one has to remember a thing and every patient is scheduled and treated for the required time, all while you spend far fewer staff hours in coverage meetings.

Streamline treatment time compliance with actionable dashboards and alerts

The unique patient-centric scheduling system in MediLinks makes it easy to track scheduled and delivered treatment times. Patients have their own columns on the scheduling grid, just like the provider columns in a traditional appointment book or scheduling system. At the bottom of each patient column is a simple dashboard tallying the treatment hours scheduled. MediLinks also provides a Patient Schedule Compliance screen that tracks the current scheduled and delivered treatment times for each patient. This makes treatment deficits nearly impossible.


React quickly to unexpected shortfalls in treatment time

If patients should fall short of their required daily or weekly time, MediLinks provides powerful scheduling tools to remedy the problem immediately. You can easily compare your patients’ available times with those of their providers to instantly schedule a session. Need to bring in a different therapist? Simply “drag” that provider’s schedule next to the patient schedule to find the first available time.

Shorten coverage meetings with on-demand reporting

Instead of dragging your highly paid providers into lengthy meetings to discuss each patient’s situation, MediLinks lets you manage by exception. Real-time reports let you know if patients are on track to meet their time requirements. This lets you focus your valuable staff time on the few exceptions that need special attention and discussion.


Document your treatment schedule to protect against audits

When patients fall sick or otherwise can’t complete a full day’s treatment during their stay, this can often lead to charting discrepancies that may trigger audits. The reporting tools in MediLinks not only record actual treatment time, they also archive all scheduled time, so you can always prove your intent to provide necessary treatment, even if the patient was unable to attend.

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